Lady Wannabe Blog: Mini Makeup Haul

Mini Makeup Haul

Hey guys, how was Christmas celebrations? Mine was ok, just ok!! :/

I got some products before Christmas, some at the mall and others at Yah! they had 30% off again... Here are the stuffs I got

Garnier BB cream and clean RM17.90+ and clean & clear moisturizer (forgot the price :( (both from Watson

This is my first BB cream and the fact that it's for all skin tone, make me want to try it out and yeah I need a moisturizer :)

Maybelline Maybelline Clear Smooth all in one powder in "05 sand beige" (from Watson) RM19.90 and L'Oreal Lucent Magnique Light Infusing Foundation in "G7 Gold Bronze" (from Sogo mall) RM49.90

This powder was just a random pick, tried and liked it :) so I picked it 

I've been using Revlon color stay foundation saw this one and it looked good, finding a foundation that suits is very hard in Malaysia, most of them are lighter than my skin tone. 

Products I got from Luxola;

Ohh ohh, I got a lot to correct and conceal, this palette got it all and for the price???? It's worth it :)

and the one I'm so much excited about...

Zoeva Basic Set "12 brushes" RM110 

Well a wannabe needs makeup brushes, this is actually my first set :) 

I love the fact that there is name on all the brushes so one can know the uses 

and luxola's gift to me "gift for purchase" 

Sleek Brown Kohl Eyeliner and Sleek Shimmer Glaze Lip Gloss in Sundance

So that's what I recently got, would do a review on most products soon :).. What are your recent buys?? 

Happy new year 2014 in advance :)

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  1. You got awesome items like the bb cream from garnier.

  2. Nice haul can't wait for the review on the Zoeva brushes.

  3. great collection, girl!

  4. wow!!!

  5. nice haul.
    love the zoeva corrector and concealer palette.

  6. love the garnie bb cream , just followed u via GFC, hope u follow me back

  7. Really nice stuffs


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