Lady Wannabe Blog: EOTD Ft. MUA The Artiste Collection

EOTD Ft. MUA The Artiste Collection

Hello everyone, 
I recently got the MUA The Artiste Collection palette from Wiida Ribbon's blog sale, I won't say I'm loving or hating this's just so-so with me... 

The palette comes with 6 marbled eyeshadows, 2 blushers, one bronzer and one highlighter.. The pigmented are Grape, Cookie(shadow), Bronzed(bronzer).. Pistachio is the least pigmented with lots of fall out  as for the blushes they just couldn't show up n my skin especially Primrose and they also feel powdery. 
L-R: Pistachio, Mocca, Ice, Grape, Chocolate, Cookie
L-R: Pink Sparkle, Primrose, Bronzed(bronzer), Shimmer Kiss(highlighter)

Here is a look I did using this palette... 
Like I mentioned earlier I won't say I love or hate the MUA The Artiste Collection... I'm in between the lines on the palette... 

Have you tried the MUA The Artiste Collection or any MUA palettes before? Do have a fabulous day!! 

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  1. I love the palatte on you tho and the cat eyes is pretty

  2. I've never tried this palette but you look stunning. I really love your eyeshadow, girl your eyeliner is on point.

    Princess Audu

  3. Very nice and subtle look...<3

    You have a nice blog :)

  4. It looks nice though. I like the eyes.

  5. Your eye look lovely!!! No matter how hard I try, I can NEVER get my eye to look like that. I need to try harder after this post.

    Kreyola Jounerys

  6. Hello mami.....Hows you is beautiful....I think I will spend days in front of the mirror if I gun for this look...

    Tibs Tells Tales

    1. I'm doing ok :) Thnks ... hahaha! I'm sure it won't take dt long ;)

  7. lovely EOTD! you're skilled.....gonna be a long time before I start rocking eye make-up like this! Practice makes perfect as they say x

  8. well you definately worked that pallete.

  9. The first thing I noticed was the winged liner. You werked it girl



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