Lady Wannabe Blog: Recent Bargain Buys

Recent Bargain Buys

Hi everyone!

I love bargains, sales ahhh like seriously who doesn't like it, the thing about bargains is you don't prepare for them and unfortunately for me most times I see things on sale HUGE one my wallet is not smiling, this happens every time, but I just couldn't resist these items prices.

 I've been looking for something to wear to work, since I'm planning to start soon, so I think these blouses came in at the right moment and for RM 10 for each I wish I picked more :)

What if I told you I don't have any white pants at all.. I know it's an essential blah blah but please the ones I find are ways out of my budget.. When I saw this only RM25 :O I had to get it. 

Blouses from VOIR (The Mines) - RM10 each (Discount price)
Pants from YFS (The Mines) - RM25 (Discount price)

What are your current bargain buys? Do leave a comment below :) Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. i also do not own a white Pants.....:P
    Those blouses are perfect for work, i love the Second one more!!
    i wish you well in your new Job quest..
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. Love the white pants. In, my opinion finding the perfect pair at a reasonable price is hard. So congrats on the bargain, I'm still on the search for my perfect pair.

  3. that's great!
    haha I dunno the mines is having sales now
    Please visit my blog back if you free

  4. i love the plum top. i need a new pair of white pants. hmmm *mental note*

  5. Used to have the perfect pair of white pants, but they don't fit anymore. I hope to go back to shape after my baby so I can go back to rocking them.

    I always love a good bargain, gives me pleasure, like I've found a cure for some deadly disease. lol

  6. Naira equivalent pls pls


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