Lady Wannabe Blog: Avon Over Nature Lipstick in Cherry Berry

Avon Over Nature Lipstick in Cherry Berry

Hello everyone, 
When I saw Avon's brochure the Over Nature makeup collection caught my attention, it's a new line inspired by Radiant orchid I think, it is said to have purple orchid scent, I don't know how it smells but I love it. I also love the packaging, I wanted to pick more than one but I promised myself no more lipsticks LOL! and uhhh I needed something on the dark side you know vampy so I picked Cherry Berry. 

L:with flash R:without flash
L: without flash R: with flash

Since you can't try Avon products it's really hard to tell how they turn out, I just followed my instincts with this one. I really wish they have testers.. that would really help whew...

This lipstick is pigmented, moisturising and glides on smoothly, even though I was expecting a very dark lipstick it wasn't as dark as it looks, it's slightly dark wine red which is still good. I think the coverage is really good and ok, it lasts up to 6 hours. Maybe more vampy or darker with a little help of dark or black lip liner.

I'm sooooo in love with the packaging, it isn't that regular Avon black case, it's not plastic it kind of cartoon or paper, the floral casing makes me want to take it everywhere even though I'm not using it. 

Why do I look dark in the pictures??? haha! I waited soo long for good lighting to take the pictures and the day I got one the whether changed again.... I was like please "NA U SABI"... so uhmmm... well it turned out ok right?! 

Have you tried any Avon lipsticks? Do you have any dark lipsticks? Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Lol at na u sabi. I've never tried Avon lipsticks but I got my eye on this dark lipstick from Wet and Wild which is perfect for a vampy lip.

  2. wow! the packaging is amazing! that alone would make me buy the product! such a girl. :)


  3. i havent reid any, i mainly buy mind from maybe walgreens or CVS

  4. How much? Girly look!


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