Lady Wannabe Blog: Papaya Whitening Soap; Does It Work?

Papaya Whitening Soap; Does It Work?

Hello, how is the week going? 

How did it take me so long to hear or know about this soap or anything papaya-ish. I was at the night market with my Sudanese friend when she started gushing about this soap, it's this it's that, at first I was meh :/ then she said it clears spots, I was like ahhaha I'll let try it!  

So the papaya soap I have is from RDL, it comes with sunscreen and also contains vitamins A, C & E. What it says---It contains papaya extracts and enriched with vitamins to reveal a smoother and younger looking skin. 

Eh! please note this soap doesn't whiten, the purpose is to brighten and bring your skin back to its natural colour, it also helps reduce pigmentation.
My experience 

I put this soap to a 14 day challenge, after this 14 days I have seen changes, ok my main focus was to clear spot and blemishes, but after 5 days I noticed my mouth area was getting lighter (it was really dark, you'll think I have mustache, uhmm maybe not that serious) and my face is brighter.

I don't use any other face wash with this because I feel this soap does it all, it brightens, cleans, exfoliates. I apply toner and moisturiser afterwards as usual. I also noticed that after applying toner my cotton pad has very little or no dirts at all, unlike when I use other facial cleansers. 

How I use:

I use this soap twice a day, morning and night. First I wet my face with warm water, then wash with soap, I rub my face for about 2-3 minutes before washing off, I also apply on my neck area. 

What you should know;

--The soap is not water friendly, I mean it melts easily so keep in a dry place always. To avoid wastage it is advisable to cut into tiny or small bits. 

--If you have dry skin, you might want to stay away, because it dries out skin.

--Not suitable for very sensitive skin 

After the 14 day challenge, I'll use twice or three times a week, because it really dries out the skin. 

Overall I love this soap, I'm impressed, my skin is brighter now. Well the spots are still there. I recommend if you are looking for something to help reduce pigmentation. 

P.S I was hoping this would work for my spots and acne scars, so I didn't take a full picture of my before face :( I would have loved to share a before and after picture :( 

I bought this soap at a night market close to my school. Price RM5 

Have you tried papaya soap before? Would you like to try? Have a lovely day :)

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  1. For the second time in a week i'm reading a review about this product..
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. i use likas papaya soap. VERY good. any exfoliating soap helps to brighten the skin

  3. thanks...should try it out..

  4. great review,
    i really like any soap that has papaya.

  5. This sounds so good! I never thought to try it before! Your blog is lovely and I'd appreciate it if you took a look at mine too:)

  6. I've never heard of this soap but I can only imagine how it smells!

    xo, N

  7. Nice review, I have tried didn't really get what I wanted but it sure did work on my sister. Though most of the product are nice.

  8. Great review, you covered everything!! I may try it as I want to even my skin tone too Xx x

  9. Well I tried the soap for the first time today after I read good reviews about it. However, the moment I applied, it burned liked crazy., quickly washed it off and noticed red patches all over my cheek. Applied ice and then loads of Aloe vera only then did it stop burning. Hoping the red patch would go away soon :(

    1. ohhh I'm so sorry, maybe your skin is sensitive, hope the red patch go away soon :(

  10. It had a very stingy feeling! Is it normal?


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