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Color Combos Hydrating Makeup Remover

Hello everyone,
Makeup is fun and removing them is another task.. well that will depend on how seriously you take it, previously I use Sasatinnie Water Plus Brightening Cleansing Lotion which is good by the way but I just got bored and wanted to try something else..I do use wipes sometimes to remove makeups too...

Color Combos Hydrating Makeup Remover is an oil based makeup remover, most oil based makeup removers are for eye and lip only, but this isn't it's for the entire face and eyes. I read some positive reviews on oil based cleansers and that was one of the reasons I picked this up when I saw it, there is no harm in trying right?

To be honest this product didn't impress me at all, OK for eye make up it does a really good job no kidding on the second swipe all the makeup is gone but when it comes to removing face makeup ohh it's another story entirely.. I have to clean like 4 times to get makeup off and even after that wheeewww

This product is 200ml and is good price wise, my only complain is it's effectiveness...well it has been bought and it must be used.. ya.. since it didn't break me out or anything.. I prefer it especially for eye makeup but I still use it on my face too. 

What is your fave makeup remover? Tried any oil based remover before? 

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