Lady Wannabe Blog: Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Tips

Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Tips

Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing ok?
I have been meaning to put up this post for a while now but after seeing some comment on my previous post about the eye makeup remover, I just thought I needed to post this, Ok I'm not a beauty expert or anything but I once had an eye infection which was pretty serious, the doctor told me it was either because I used expired eye makeup products or I don't take off my eye makeup properly, either way it was from eye makeup...After my eyes went back to normal I started being extra careful.
You don't need to buy expensive eye makeup removers, you have some products right in your home you can use, Yes I use this too when I run out of makeup removers..

Tip 1; Baby oil and baby wipes, this is a miracle worker, it gets eye makeup off like abc.. even waterproof makeup but you might need to go over it twice or more but it still does the job. All you need to do is apply your baby oil on a wipe and press over you eye.. go over it till all your makeup is completely off. You can also do same for your lip makeup... PS in place of baby oil you can use olive oil.

Tip 2; Vaseline and cotton pads, is there something Vaseline can't do? Don't get me started with it's various uses.. Just like the baby oil and wipes, Vaseline and cotton pad does a great job at removing eye and lip makeup.. Apply Vaseline on your cotton pad and gently take off your makeup (be sure not to apply too much..a little goes a long way), you can also rub little Vaseline on you eyelid then clean with cotton pad but as for removing lip makeup first apply Vaseline on your lips let it settle in then wipe off with the cotton pad.

Ok! You might be thinking lip makeup can be removed easily but have you used a long wearing lip color? or a lip stain? ohhh, those doesn't come off easily.. in one of my previous posts I did a tutorial on removing lip stains/long wear lip colors..

Ensure not to get too much oil or Vaseline into the eye please! I hope this post helps some of you!

How do you get your eye/lip makeup off? Do try this and let me know if it works out for you.. Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Thank you for the tips I do have eye makeup remover, won't be too bad to try this whenever I run out

  2. Thank you for the tips ! I definitely have to try this products !


  3. i always use makeup remover wipes but they're probably not great for my skin. thanks for sharing!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

  4. Baby products are the best, I have very dry eye area- my lash line, to be exact- and my optometrist said I need to dab the area with water with just a drop or two of baby shampoo in it. So, baby products- always a good choice :) xx Maja

  5. Great tips! I use baby oil to remove eye makeup. I think I'll add the baby wipes too.

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