Lady Wannabe Blog: What Step(s) Do You Skip??!

What Step(s) Do You Skip??!

Hello everyone, 
When the alarm goes off in the morning and in my head I'll be like I'll get up soon and ya.. that soon turns out to be not so soon --the most important thing is to beat time now-- uhmm won't leave the house without a little face touch ups-- Let's just skip the part where the shower might take only 2 minutes --ya I do that a lot- 

The accidental skip 
So I already cleansed my face and rushed into shower and then splatter moisturizer all over my face and oops! I remember I forgot to use a TONER.. Arrgh! While I'm beating myself over that, I'm buffing in foundation-- not again no PRIMER... Now the makeup is done and I'm out the door -- a quick peep in the mirror-- no MASCARA-this is something I've been skipping lately, not sure why. 

The intentional skip
Honestly when I'm in a hurry the last thing I want to do is CONCEAL my BROWS truthfully it takes time for me --especially when I mistakenly apply too much concealer & I have to blend and blend--no no! ain't no body got time for that. Yes who wouldn't love a perfect EYELINER FLICK but it does takes time for me too so I just skip or draw a basic line haha! Sometimes I just skip the CONTOUR powder (but that's once in a while).

The Never skip
I really don't know how I could skip FOUNDATION, when I do have my dream skin maybe but jeez I can't, CONCEALER maybe but not foundation, my BROWS are sparse so it's a definite must do.. One more thing I really can't skip --lately- is a BLUSH- a nice flush on the cheeks is a dream, I forgot to mention EYE SHADOWS-even if I have to apply with my hands the eyes must be colored haha! and of course a lip color- even if I have to apply it while walking it still counts right? 

Ohhh ya! that's it--well at least all I can remember, so let me know what step(s) you skip intentionally or not! Do have a fabulous day! :)

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  1. I love this post. I always skip mascara for some reason. I think I can get away with it.
    It is funny because I never skip my eyeliner. Hmm it's interesting.
    NICE ONE!!
    Es x x

  2. Accident Skip is Mascara and Blush

    The Never Skip now is my concealer. My under eye is too darn dark to skip that now.

    The skip that I do intentionally is the eyeliner. There are days that I just don't feel like doing it.

    Great post as always :)

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  3. I skip a lot of things like toner and contouring, but I skip them intentionally. I have accidentally skipped mascara and believe me it was a weird feeling


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