Lady Wannabe Blog: 3 Facial Cleansers For Blackheads I've tried

29 December 2014

3 Facial Cleansers For Blackheads I've tried

Hello everyone,
Blackheads is something I think is inevitable lol! especially for oily/acne prone skin but then it differ from person to person, as for me I don't have the very visible ones-you won't really see unless you look closely or you have a microscopic eyes :p... I have them on my nose and a little under (I can count them really) before I knew what blackhead was I thought I was growing hair on my nose haha!

Like I said blackheads vary from person, facial washes works perfectly for me, I hear people pop them but I really can't because they don't grow out on me. A few facial washes have tried below..
Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser
I wrote a review on this sometime ago, it did helped with the blackheads but then it stopped working, it comes in a liquid-y form and has some micro beads in it, doesn't really lather much but it cleans well, I can actually feel my skin clean but dries out the skin like crazy.

The good? it leaves the skin clean, helps control blackhead, the beads are not scratchy and it also helps control oil a bit.
The not so good? for me it stopped working after a while, it's too liquid-y for my liking, doesn't really foam well(I prefer cleansers that lathers well) and it dries out the skin.

OXY Blackhead clearing wash
I got this at guardians clearance sale and I've been looking for it ever since, I believe it is discontinued. I love this face wash, it really helps control blackheads, while using it I did noticed fewer blackheads. It is a foaming cleanser and it lathers quite well but the smell can get really annoying sometimes. It cleans super well as well.

The good? leaves the skin clean and tight, doesn't clog pores, lathers well, controls oil, the beads are not scratchy and it doesn't dry out my skin.
The not so good? I'm not a fan of the smell. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
This is something I recently added to my skincare, I use it every night after cleansing, it isn't exactly a face wash but then it still works, it is liquid-y just like clean & clear, it also has some tiny bids in it, it leaves the skin soft and breathable.

The good? the beads doesn't scratch, it is gentle and mild, unclog pores
The not so good? dries out the skin

Something else to mention is nose pore strips, they also work well in removing blackheads but doesn't get to all the nose areas. I've tried the ones from OXY and Biore, they both work well but I prefer the one from OXY.

I'll definitely recommend the OXY Blackhead clearing wash it is my favorite and then the Neutrogena Scrub, while these cleansers helped with blackheads they did nothing for whiteheads, I wish they helped with that at least! 

What is/are your favorite cleanser(s) either for blackheads or not! I'll love to check them out. Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Happy Holiday Funmi dear.. Thnks 4 all the lovely posts

  2. I've also used the Neutrogena one and it's true that it dries out the skin a bit :) but I really like it because as you said it's very gentle and unclogs the pores very well! Lovely post xx

  3. nice, i dont really have black heads, more like white heads, does these also work for white heads.

    1. no they don't work for white heads, I really wish de did tho x!

  4. Yikes...I had to google black heads to see if I had them or not. I don't. Nice review though. I hoped you had a great holiday.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

    1. hehe! good you don't :) my holiday was ok, hope yours was fine too :)

  5. Clean&clear need I say more is AMAZING! Wonder why it dries your skin anyway skins react differently to product

    1. I've used their other cleansers tho, it's just this that dries out my skin x! :)

  6. I used to ave terrible blackheads!i used different it,neutrogena,queen helen,olay etc but when I started my facials once in a face is better and smooth.
    For my everyday routine,i use neutrogena facewash+clean pores and neutrogena moisturiser.spf30.i can say now that my face is squeaky clean.

    1. That's good to know, I don't do professional facials tho :D.. I'll check out the neutrogena products :)

  7. Great choices! I totally should pick up one in the future for using on my nose and sides of my face! I've tried Clean & Clear's one before but not the other two! They look great, I love a fine grain scrub!

  8. I had blackheads a while back but since i created a facial routine with my korean skincare products, they're almost completely cleared up, though i can't seem to isolate the exact product that cleared them. i would love to try the clean & clear, maybe when i run out of products, lol.

  9. I barely have blackheads but I still use olay foaming cleanser on a daily and it leaves my face clean and smooth. The smell also is great!! Nice review


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