Lady Wannabe Blog: Matte Nails? Anyone?!

Matte Nails? Anyone?!

Hello beauties, 
I hope you all are doing great? I've been looking for a matte top coat for a while now, I was excited when Sally Hansen Big Matte top coat became available, I picked it up weeks ago to get the matte feel haha!

It is not a clear top coat, it is has a light milky color, the instructions are to shake before use and apply to already dried nail polish. Just few seconds after application you can already see the matte effect, it dries really quick too(takes few minutes). Now to the part I like - dries quick, does what it says gives a beautiful matte effect and finish, it also feels matte and unto the part I do not like - stays matte for only 2 days after 2 days it stars fading off, it still feels ok but not as good as day 1, starts chipping after 4 days. 
on my ring finger I applied shiny top coat. 
There are other matte top coats from O.P.I and Top Shop I believe. I love Big Matte Top Coat, the matte doesn't last up to a week but for the few days it is matte and lovely, I love it but I wish the matte effect lasted longer, I won't say this is a must have but it will be good to try out. 

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat? or any other matte top coats?! Let me know I'll love to check them out as well. Have a fabulous day! 

Available at Caring, Sa Sa etc.. 
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  1. The matte finish looks really good!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. I gave been craving matte nail finish dou, i just might try this. But i will go to the saloon because everytime i do my nails it always gets messed up

  3. I have experience matte nails before but it was from a tester in store and it was fabulous! I like how its matte but there's like a velvet slightly light reflective finish. I totally plan to get a matte coat for using but I think I'll skip this one, that's too bad it doesn't last that long!


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