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City Color Contour Effects

Hello beauties,

I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with contouring, uhmm you're not? even if you don't contour you must have heard of it... Contouring has become a real big deal in the the makeup/beauty world, there are different contouring products in the market both high end and drugstore, but seems there are only a very few ones from the drugstore... Anyway long story short, I read/watch a few nice reviews on the City Color Contour Effects and I thought I'd give it a go..

I think City Color products are only available online, their prices are on the lower end side, this is my very first City Color purchase so I can't say the quality is this and that.. 

The Contour Effects comes in a black cardboard packaging, it is sleek and very light weight, I must say it is actual bigger than expected, it contains three shades "Contour, Bronze and Highlight" each pan is 4.5g that is almost a standard blush size. If you are new to contouring or don't know what to do with the palette they provided a guide on the palette... The only con for the packaging in my opinion is that I wish it had a mirror. 

So like I mentioned it comes with three shades and they are all well pigmented, all are very soft and feels buttery and not chalky at all..The "Contour" which is the contouring shade is the deepest and it is very pigmented so you have to extremely careful with this if you don't want to end up with a mud-'ered' face, the "Bronze" shade which of course is a bronzer is also pigmented and matte, it is about 1.5 shades darker than my actual complexion, it isn't orange-y at all and lastly the highlighter "highlight" shade is very white I mean baby powder white and this of course is shimmery, it is a really nice glowy highlighter but comes off too ashy on me but the glow is beautiful, I see this looking good on a fairer skin tone.
I love this palette, it is inexpensive, pigmented, buttery and blends in well, I'm in love with the contour shade it will look good on almost all skin tone as it is pigmented, the bronze shade is also pigmented but I'm so-so on it no! it's not bad but I'm trying to love it and the highlight shade you already know is a no no for darker skin ladies.

Ok yes! highly recommended! so if you are on the hunt for a nice, inexpensive contour palette.. you can try this, it's not chalky, applies nicely and the staying power is good.
Contour Effects and Sleek Face Form
Have you tried the Contour Effects palette? or any contour palette?! What is your fave palette to contour with? I will love to check them out! :) Stay blessed and have a beautiful day!

I got this on eBay here... Nigeria - here
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  1. I live the packaging. Well I haven't used a contour pallete before but I heard the sleek kit is amazing. I contour with my maybelline powder in cacoa and it s too good.

    1. I've seen people use the maybelline powder, I'll check it out! yup the sleek kit is nice I have that as well! :)

  2. I admire other people's contoured faces but i haven't really tried contouring myself, this palette looks great.
    P.S. My new site is now live Modavracha | Blog , expect a mail from me soon!

    1. hehe! you should try it.. it's fun,, yeah I'll check you blog out now! :) hope to get ur mail soon!

  3. It looks really lovely although I agree with you that the highlight shade is a huge no-no for us darker skinned

  4. Great review. I've never actually tried contouring D: but I might do with this one

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  5. i cant contour to save my life. But i just might try this

    Simply Uneeke

  6. Oh I can see how this would be great for dark skinned ladies! They really should have made the highlight golden toned though! It's so white!


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