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The Nudes Palette

Hello beauties,
I think every woman should have one or two nude/neutral palette(s) in their collection and I am sure every beauty lover has one/two as well but it is hard to find a neutral palette at the drugstore so when Maybelline lunched the nudes palette I was super excited but they didn't get to Malaysia until this year, I have seen people compared this to the naked palette and since I don't have that I thought this will be a good alternative for me.
The packaging is quite ok, nothing really special, not heavy and it feels quite sturdy, it is a 12 color palette with neutral shades of course, contains both matte and shimmery eyeshadows, swatching the shades on my hands was quite easy but I can't say same for when I apply, the matte shades come off a bit greyish and ashy and are also bit hard to pickup with brush, as for the shimmery shade they are ok and the pigmentation is alright, they don't feel powdery or buttery either.

Pigmentation wise, some shades are more pigmented than the other, the shimmery shades are more pigmented but they don't come off well on the lid, you need a good primer and base to make the colors show/pop, applying on the lid is such a hassle. As for staying power with a primer it lasts long.

This palette honestly is a little too pricey for a drugstore product(depends on how you see it) and the quality is not worth it, now I'm not saying it is bad but not good enough, some cheaper shadows perform better than this. They are not well pigmentation, they are a bit hard to work with, the matte shades come off a bit ashy on me.

The palette is ok, but I don't see anything new or special, if you are just experimenting with shadows you can check this out but if you have high end or great quality palettes this will definitely disappoint you. 
Have you tried this palette before? what is/are your fave nude palette(s)? I'll love to check them out! Have a beautiful day! 

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  1. I started with a nude palette during my eyeshadow trial days, the palette looks good!
    Modavracha | Blog

    1. yes this palette is great for beginners but not much of a fan :)

  2. I swatched this in-store and I knew we would not get along at all. The pigmentation did not comer off well at all on my fingers so I knew on my eyelids they will be invisible. I am always wary of "neutral" eyeshadows as only very few live up to expectations especially for women with darker skin. However, as you said, it is an okay eyeshadow palette but not for me. Thanks for an honest review as always...xx

    1. ya right, this is not a must have in my opinion-- :)

  3. Great review. I love Maybelline cosmetics, but I have not tried this one before.
    I like nude eyeshadows and already used Wet&Wild, MUA pallets, and I like them so much.

  4. I think Maybelline is better off with their mascaras.
    The Style Cheapskate

  5. The nudes from the bh cosmetics pallete is serving me real good. This looks really good, I would add it to my makeup wish list. Beautiful review.

  6. I have so many nude palettes… but when I see these shades… argh - they are beautiful!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  7. I've been checking out all the reviews from the ladies in the US to asia but I definitely won't be getting it. At $27 singapore dollars I'd rather buy smaller quads or other small palettes I can get in the drugstores! I personally prefer shimmery shadows so this one is a pass for me! Thanks for the review and swatches though, the mattes looks pretty nice but I'm just an all shimmer girl! :p


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