Lady Wannabe Blog: Is It Ok To Ask A Guy Out?!

Is It Ok To Ask A Guy Out?!

Hello fabz; 

What are you thinking? What kind of question I'm I asking, but seriously we all have our different opinions. 

Ok, sincerely it is actually annoying seeing your crush talk to another girl or many girls for that matter and it is also frustrating waiting for him to ask you out, but is doing it yourself the right way?

Well if you ask me, I'll say NO, it is not ok, It is just the rule of nature, I mean men are leaders and most times they go for what they want, what they like, we should always bear this in mind, no matter how timid or shy a guy is he still knows what he wants.

Some of my male friends thinks it makes the girl look cheap and desperate, only one of them agrees there is noting wrong with it. That a guy smiles, do little favours sometimes doesn't mean they are into you. 

You should also know that it takes a guy a lot of courage to ask a girl he really likes out, yes! because he's scared of rejection, if you do the asking, chances are you will have to make most of the relationship's big decisions, I mean you have made it easy for him so he'll probably rely on you or even wait for you to make other decision. 

Other reasons you need to allow him do the asking are first of all you won't face painful rejection if he declines and you don't have to blame yourself in the future for making the move just in case it turns out bad. 

So even though I feel it's not ok to ask a guy out, there other ways to get a guy to do it, but we will get into that some other day :). What is your opinion on this? Is it ok or not? Do leave your comments below.

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  1. Ok first first all ''Hell no'' i believe guys should do the asking hehe, not the other way round

  2. Aww, very cute topic. It depends. Generally i wouldn't really encourage but iIf they have been friends for a long time and are comfortable enough to know there is an attraction there which is mutual, i think it is safe to say the girl can take a plunge by asking. He may have been hinting and just too scared or shy.

  3. Didnt read all but the little i read says it all your head is correct. I can never ask a guy out no metter what, even if it kills me. I can give you little hints i like you but thats where it ends. Imagine your friend asking you " so how did he ask you out" and you say "oh i asked him out" its very weird and unlady like. First of it makes you seem, sound, smell, act, DESPERATE. And the guy can misbehave and his excuse would be" i never liked you that much i only dated you so you would be hurt" You feel me?
    Btw follow my blog.

  4. I think it's okay to ask a guy out. If women can make their own money and support themselves, they should be able to do whatever the guy does. Good luck!
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  5. Haha very cute subject to talk about! While I believe that yes, you do want to have the guy be decisive enough to ask you out, it's alright to make sure that he understands that you like him so that he doesn't have to freak out over whether you are interested or not. And while I don't necessarily believe that it's a rule of nature that men have to be the leaders of everything, I do believe that you want someone who is decisive and knows what he wants. For me, I have been dating my boyfriend (who is 7 years older than me) for 2 and a half years, we have a great relationship that is based on lots of hard-earned maturity and understanding and patience. When we first got together, I kinda hinted in my text that I liked him, but that he needed to confirm whether I was just imagining that he liked me back. He then got me to call him and he told me that he liked me and that he had been planning to ask me out a few days later! So it really depends on the situation and the relationship between you and the guy you like I guess!

    xx Debbie

  6. yea, why not? I',m mean the guy is not supposed to do the first step. Thats what we woman want but we're living in the 21 century! So if u like someone, just go for it!

    x Lori

  7. Loll!
    Its not ok joor. No matter how 'civilised' it sounds, its not just cool to.

  8. I think in this day it's perfectly fine for a girl to ask the guy out. Men don't rule us any more. But... saying that I wouldn't be brave enough to ask them ahaha >.<
    If a girl is brave enough though, then she should go for it! :)

  9. I don't believe in asking a guy first, because most times, the guy might not even be into you. At the same time, I think it gives room for the guy to act any how simply because you took the first step

  10. i don't think asking a guy makes us girls desperate or what. i think this is a different era so when time comes, asking a guy out is a norm

  11. I dont think i can ask a aguy out and i wont say its ok too. Somethings are better done by the men.

  12. I have never asked a guy out but it takes courage to do that so I would commend any girl who has decided to take charge and do the asking. Would I do that probably not but do I think it makes a girl desperate and cheap hell no.

  13. I'm an old fashion girl, I'm waiting for his move..

  14. Love this babe!!

  15. I think I am happy leaving the boys to do the wooing.

  16. its not ok at all. there are ways to make him ask you out without being too obvious.


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