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Color Combos Nail Polishes

Hi everyone!

My current obsession is nail art, so I tend to buy more nail polishes and talking of polishes I'm not the one who'll spend a fortune on them, well maybe in future but not now.

I've always loved doing my manicure myself but these days I'm super into it. I love colourful polishes and not just colourful fast drying ones too, I can't wait eternity for my manicure to dry, it's pure torture.

I got Color combos polishes from SASA sometime ago they had 3 for RM7.90 sales so I decided to try, I've been loving ever since, they are not the best I've tried honestly but for the price I can't complain. 

The Good
They dry pretty fast
Easy to apply, not thick and doesn't clump
Varieties of colours to choose from
Easy to take off(they don't stain nails) 

The finish is not so super excellent but like I said I can't complain, you'll need a top coat, because after like 3 or 4 days they start chipping but I really don't mind I change my nail colour often.

Not all the colors are pigmented and some might require two or three coats, another thing I don't really like is that they don't have names just codes/numbers.

Do I recommend Yeah absolutely, if you need something less pricey :)

Price: 3.90 mostly on sale for 3 for 7.90 at Sasa stores nationwide.

Have you tried Color Combos polishes before? What nail polish brand is your favourite? Have a fabulous day!

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