Lady Wannabe Blog: Four Other Ways To Use Hand Sanitizer / Gel

Four Other Ways To Use Hand Sanitizer / Gel

Hello everyone, 

I'm sure everyone knows the use of hand sanitizers, I'm not really a germaphobic but I keep my sanitizer close and do you know it does more than keeping the hands germ free? I have got four other ways you can use it 

1. Phone screen cleanser and shinner, I'll be honest my phone screen is not the cleanest thing, imagine how much germs are on there, from hand shakes to door opening to answering phone calls while eating pizza. Drop a little bit on phone screen and wipe off with a cloth or tissue and apart from shinning the screen, it also helps disinfect. 

2. Pimple treatment, that sound meh is it, well it does work for pimple, I mean the ones that just popping out, just a little sanitizer with cotton swab and bye gone (if you do have a lot of pimple, I don't advice you use).

3. Clean Lipstick, ahhh yes, when I go to get lipstick from drug stores I don't really like swatching on my hand, I drop a little on my palm rub the lipstick in it and then clean off with a tissue, you just don't know who used the lipstick before you. 

4. Stain remover, you can use hand sanitizers to blot out stains from clothes, yes just soak it and then wash as you normally would, you can also use it to remove stains from surfaces whiteboards, tables etc.. just drop a little on the surface and clean with a cloth or tissue. 

Anything to add? Do you have other ways you use hand sanitizers? Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Wow, who would have thought there would be so many uses for hand sanitizer. I'm going to go buy one now, great post.

  2. i read somewhere it cud serve as a face primer

    1. Uhmmm I didn't know ohh... But I'm not sure I want to try, cos I'm not sure it's safe for entire face :-)

  3. I love this post of yours! Never knew I could use a sanitizer this way too!!
    Let's talk about everything

  4. nice post dear, now i know what i can do with mine

  5. Nice, suprised as pimple treatment lol.


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