Lady Wannabe Blog: Elianto Sweetheart Eau de Toilette

Elianto Sweetheart Eau de Toilette

Hello everyone, 
I got this bottle of EDT a while back, it's small and sleek. Sweetheart is one of Elianto's Candy Beauties EDT collection, they really look like candies when you have a lot of them together in different colours 

Elianto says; is for the true romantic, a collection of six scents to remind you why it’s so wonderful to be in love! This rich floral range is full-bodied, bold and perfect for the unforgettable woman!

I loved this fragrance from day one, it has this lovely floral scent that is dominating in an appealing way, I spray on pulse points, it lasts up to 4 hours, for the first 1 and half hour the smell is strong then afterwards it starts to fade gradually. Any time I wear this fragrance I always get questioned about what fragrance I'm wearing.

I love the fact that it is small and portable it will fit any purse except extremely tiny ones and it's not heavy at all. I think it will be perfect for romantic dates. 

Have you tried any fragrance from Elianto before? What is/are your favourite fragrance(s)? Why do you buy a fragrance? (brand, scent or packaging?)

Elianto Sweetheart Eau de Toilette, RM39.00, 30ml
You can get one at any Elianto outlets nationwide or online here

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  1. The scent is the reason why I love my fragrances. I love Jasmine.


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