Lady Wannabe Blog: 7 Ways To Use Qtips/Cotton Buds Beauty Wise

7 Ways To Use Qtips/Cotton Buds Beauty Wise

Hello everyone,

Cotton buds/Qtips are home essentials, they are always lying around somewhere neglected but do you know you can stop neglecting them? They are beauty tools yah! because they can be used in many different ways for beauty and makeup routine. Here are some ways; 

--Makeup Remover, you can use it to remove those stubborn mascara traces or eyeliner, just dip your q-tip into your eye makeup remover and wipe off the makeup.

--Clean Up Manicure, your nail polish isn't in place? dip your q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the messy edges.

--Fixing Eye Makeup, if your mascara or eyeliner smudges, just take your q-tip and gently clean or wipe off the smudged makeup.

--As Makeup Brush, yes you can use q-tip to apply your eyeshadow, you can also use it to smudge your eyeliner for a smokey look.

--Spot & Blemish Treatment, use q-tip to apply spot/blemish treatment, to get a precise application and apply exactly on the spot needed, deep your q-tip into your treatment oil or cream and apply on spot.

--Eyebrows Grooming, dip your cotton bud into Vaseline or any oil/gel of your choice and apply to your eyebrows as eyebrow gel. 

--Clean off hair relaxer, got some relaxer cream coming off your hair? use cotton bud to gently clean around your hair line.

These are a few ways to use q-tips, do you have other ways you use them? do share.. Have a fabulous day! 

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