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Zoeva Basic Brush Set

Hello everyone,
Remember my mini makeup haul from sometime last year? This Zoeva brush set was one of the things I got. The Zoeva basic brush set is a 12 piece brush set, more like a stater brush set, it contains important brushes suitable for beginners, brushes for face, eyes and lips. It also comes with a black leather case/bag which is travel friendly. 

Zoeva says: The Zoeva Basic Set is an essential arranged brush set that will sweeten your daily makeup routine. The set is the perfect starter kit for makeup beginners. Professional makeup beauties will benefit from the wonderful all-in-one compilation of this set as well. The 12 travel-sized, handmade brushes for face and eye application are stored in a sleek black case. Take it with you any place, anywhere, any time for touch-ups and flawless beauty on-the-go.

Face Brushes
from left to right: blush, foundation and powder brush

Blush brush: This is a angled blush brush, it's soft and dense, picks up product and apply them right where it should be. I've washed this brush about 2 to 3 times now and no bristle has fallen off yet. Made from taklon fiber. 

Foundation brush: Honestly I've used this only once and that once I didn't really use it. I love to apply foundation with flat top brushes or my hands sometimes, but have seen a lot of YouTube make up gurus use foundation, I guess I'll try soon. Made from nylon.

Powder brush: Just like the blush brush it's dense and soft, it's not too big or too small, it picks up products and blend well, it is so easy to control powder application with this brush as you can use it smoothen, balance and dust off excess powder. Made from taklon fiber. 
Eye Brushes
from left to right: smudger, crease, shader and eye blender brush

Smudger brush: This brush is dense and rounded, smudges in eye shadows well and also does same eye liners, what can I say it does it's job well. Made from pony hair.

Crease brush: Soft and fluffy brush, for creating a defined crease, it's small and puts colors right where it should be. Made from pony hair.

Shader brush: It's small, almost same shape as the smudger brush but smaller, perfect for applying eye shadows to the inner corner of the eyes and all over the lid. Made from pony hair.

Eye blender brush: It's soft, for blending away ash edges and also blending in two colors. This isn't super soft but does a good job. Made from pony hair.

I've only deep clean the eye brushes once since I got them I always cleanse with a brush cleanser. 
Duo Brushes 
from left to right: Lash/Eyebrow, duo cream liner and duo cream shader brush

Lash/Eyebrow brush: I use the lash brush for both lash and to brush my brows, never used the other end because it's kind of too thick. Made from synthetic fiber. 

Duo cream liner: Perfect for cream liners, one end is rounded the other is straight both are for liners. Love the straight end more. Made from nylon.

Duo cream shader brush: Never used this so I can't say much, but both ends are almost same rounded, one is larger than the other. Made from nylon.
Fan Brush
Fan brush: Use this to dust off excess powder, I've only played with this once LOL! Made from Duo-Taklon. 
Lip Brush
Lip brush: It's small and rounded at the top, does a good job, it comes with a black case so you can make longer or shorter which ever way you like and you can also close after use. Made from nylon.

I think this brush set is a great buy, especially for beginners, it contains all the start up brushes, they are handmade, travel friendly and easy to clean. This set is highly recommended! 

Have you tried any of Zoeva's products or brushes before? Have a super lovely day!

You can get the Basic Set HERE or visit Zoeva website -- RM120

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