Lady Wannabe Blog: Avon Super Drama Waterproof Mascara & Stylish Eyelash Curler

Avon Super Drama Waterproof Mascara & Stylish Eyelash Curler

Hello everyone,

Avon always has this deal of buy one get something free, and that was how I got the lash curler. Let me be honest I've always been scared of curlers haha! like my eyes will fall off or something, well since this one was free there's no harm in trying right :D

Avon Stylish Eyelash Curler: To be honest I didn't really see any difference, yeah maybe a little but it wasn't much, I can't compare this curler to any because it's the first one I'm trying, maybe when I try another I can do a comparison. 

Avon Super Drama Waterproof Mascara:

Avon says: Show stopping lashes with a flair for drama! Add volume and length instantly without clumping. Unique brush and formula make every lash fuller, longer and more dramatic! Smudge- and flake-resistant.

I love mascaras, they make your eyes pop haha! and this was why I got this Super + Drama means more popping right? but this wasn't the case for me. The wand is not like other mascaras it's purple and has something like sharp edges (not sward or knife shape oh), I guess this is to separate the lashes and make them clump free.

As for drama, volume and length, I didn't get any of those, all I got was darker and a little thicker lashes. I really love the the wand, the mascara itself isn't heavy, it does gives clump free lashes and lasts a couple hours
Which eyelash curler are you using currently and which do you recommend? Have you tried any Avon mascaras? Which mascara are you currently loving?

UPDATED (20/06/2013) The stylish eyelash curler does make a difference!! 

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