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Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser

Hello everyone,

Lately or not so lately I've been having some serious breakouts at first I thought it was stress (maybe it still is) because I normally have one or two pimples pop out when I'm stressed but they dry up within 2 to 3 days without doing absolutely nothing... well now it's some kind of acne than I'm not really sure about but I'm finding a way around it and suddenly I discovered blackheads seriously?? at first they were on my nose I decided to use the black head strip from Biore it was of course helpful but they came back not just on my nose...

Fast forward... I got Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser, maybe a everyday thing would help and I wasn't going to write about it but the result was quite fast and surprising LOL.. After using for only four days I started noticing a difference.

Clean & Clear says; is a unique formula that works deep down to help remove blackheads every time you wash. Effective micro-scrubbing beads break down trapped oil, dirt and dead skin. The apple fruit acid formula  penetrates deep into pores to soften stubborn blackheads at the core and prevent new ones from forming. Its gentle exfoliating action will leave your skin beautifully smooth and clear.

This cleanser successfully removed my blackheads in less than 2 weeks, it has this tiny beads that is not harsh on skin, my face feels fresh after use but dry, it also makes my face less oily. I use twice daily and tone and moisturise afterwards.

This is highly recommended if you are looking a face wash to get rid of blackheads and reduce oily skin.

Have you tried other cleansers for blackheads?

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  1. What kind of toner and moisturizer do you use pls?

    1. Aiken tea tree oil toner and clean & clear moisturizer :-)

  2. i have heard of this product before but since i dnt knw if it will change my skin tone i just backed off.did you notice any change in your complexion?

  3. please do u mind telling me what kind of template you're using.thanx


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