Lady Wannabe Blog: Guest Post; The Right Way To Detangle Your Natural Hair, Plus Save Time.

27 June 2014

Guest Post; The Right Way To Detangle Your Natural Hair, Plus Save Time.

Hello guys, it has occurred to me that the reason why some people don't see any growth is because of breakage, not because of the hair isn't growing but because you don't know how to separate the weed from the crops in this case the dead hair from the living ones. So I have decided to do this post and give tips on how to prevent hair lose. This tip also goes for my guys who are trying to maintain a fro. 

1) Always take out braids with conditioner.
What's the point of conditioner? to condition hair, what does conditioned hair fell like? soft, easy to manage. When taking out braids, make sure to spray the particular braid with A LOT of water, then put a lot of conditioner, but make sure it is cheap conditioner you wouldn't miss if it finishes. Now the key here is to take your time, don't rush because that's one road so many ladies have taken and discovered the hard way it leads to breakage.

2)Now to the main detangling
If you have time, and not much hair then finger detangle is your best friend, but if like me you dont have time plus have isi madu ito like my mother says (three peoples hair, asin my hair is combination of three people's hair.) your best bet would be a paddle brush. Trust me on this one, i lose so uch hair with wide tooth comb compared to paddle brush. Also take your time here this is where you should do all your detangling because here is where you would take off dead hair that you would later count as hair lose in the bathroom.

3) Now to the washing
Please, please please and please, wash your hair in one direction, which is backwards. Do not rub, do not mix, do not do any thin that will retangle your hair that is double work. So use your favorite sulfate free shampoo, condition, then deep condition, then wash, all in one direction. Another thing is please do not detangle your hair in the bathroom, all you are doing is simply waste of time. When you come out you will also detangle and you also end up tangling your hair. Just section your hair off, after washing each section put it back in twist.

4) Now another mistake people make here is rubbing their hair with their towels or rather trying to reduce the water, after you take out the towel what do you see, big patches of tangle. Just simple put the towel on your hair like you are tying a scarf, bring one end of the towel to opposite side, and do same to the other side then pin it together. This is mainly for people whose hair isnt long enough for twist, they make this mistake the most.

5) Now to the detangling
Again with your paddle brush, begin at the root and gently work your way up, put your leave in conditioner and hair mouisturizer and after each section retwist to make the work easier. After each section you can now style as desire, maybe twisting, or braiding, or straightening, you name it the main thing is detangling right in order to prevent hair lose.

Have you ever tried this method? how do you like it, is it more time consuming than your formal routine?. If you have other tips for us please share. Plus if you know someone who still makes this mistakes, share this with them, let us save self esteems one fro at a time lool.

By Chidinma (That Nigerian Girl)

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  1. Now i know ,never knew one should take out braids with conditioner.

  2. Of late my hair has been breaking when I loosen hair and wash and I've been so concerned and now I just saw it here that those are dead hair. I've been really concerned ehn. Thanks Funmi.

  3. Nice post! Will look into washing in one direction and I totally agree with not detangling in the bathroom. I recently discovered Mane n Tail Detangler and it literally melts away the tangles in my roots...xo

  4. Thank you for this info, i didnt know as well that conditioner are used to remove braids, thank u for stopling by my blog as well XOXO

  5. Great post! There is one thing I that I do differently (but don't worry, I totally think you're right in what you're suggesting) I detangle in the bathroom while conditioner is on my hair. Its just worked out easier this way (for me). I like your method though and its worth it to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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