Lady Wannabe Blog: MUA Nail Polish; Frozen Yoghurt & Natural Days

MUA Nail Polish; Frozen Yoghurt & Natural Days

Hello everyone, 
I shared with you guys my MUA mini haul these cute polishes were part of the stuffs I got. They are so cute and tiny (I didn't know they were that small) but really I don't think anyone finishes a bottle of polish so I think the smaller the better. I did love the way I can wrap them in my hands.

To get an opaque coverage you need like up 3 - 4 coats especially for Natural days because the formula is too thin, it's a really gorgeous baby pink or light pink while for Frozen yoghurt 2-3 coats is enough it's also thin but a little more pigmented than Natural days, Frozen yoghurt is a cute lavender color.

The brushes are thinner than regular nail polish brushes making application easy, smooth, non streaky and neat. They both have glossy finish which I love and they dry pretty quick. 
Frozen yoghurt
Natural days
I think the polishes are worth trying, they are affordable, cute and give a really lovely glossy finish.. I'll definitely love to try more colors! 

Have you tried MUA polishes before? Have a fabulous day!

You can get them here or here
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