Lady Wannabe Blog: SPLASH Korean Nail Color

SPLASH Korean Nail Color

Hello everyone, 

I picked up this SPLASH Korean nail color in colour "45" last month or so from SASA,  it's a warm brown colour with some hint of gold or golden brown, I don't know how to describe color.
L: with flash T: without flash 
Honestly I love this polish or maybe it's the color I love, just cool, it's slightly thick, one or two coats might just be enough, the first time I used it the first coat was a bit streaky but after applying the second coat it was smooth... Well it does takes a little time to dry.

What polish colour are you currently loving? Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Ah! I love this colour, cute nail and thanks for the visit.

  2. Wow, the color is amazing *_*

  3. I like how the color looks against your skin tone!


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