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Zoeva Brush Cleanser

Hello everyone, 
I already wrote about the Zoeva Basic brush set, I also got the Zoeva brush cleanser (check out my mini haul).. Unclean brushes can build up bacteria and cause horrible skin problems, I think you already know that... So this is why you need you need clean brushes.

This is the first brush cleanser I've tried so I really can't compare it to any, but it's really doing a great job.. It has this lovely minty fruity scent. It's actually a tough job washing your makeup brushes everyday, imagine how much dirts comes out the time you finally decide to wash.

Zoeva says: Our professional ZOEVA Brush Cleanser has been created for both deep and spot cleaning. Its alcohol based formula purifies and conditions natural or synthetic bristles, it removes color instantly and eliminates bacteria. Infused with macadamia oil, this solution will leave your favorite brushes soft and gentle. You will love the fruity-fresh scent!

Ohhh this cleanser solve all your problems.. well maybe half, it removes makeup/dirts from brushes without any stress at all, apart from cleansing brushes it is also alcohol based to help eliminate bacteria which means you end up with clean and sanitized brushes. One or two sprays and you have a clean brush, the fact that you can use on both natural or synthetic bristles makes it even better.

How to use? There are two ways to use, spot cleansing and deep cleansing. Spot cleansing, spray 2-5 times over brush bristles (depending on the brush size). Swirl your brush gently into a soft tissue. Reshape and let air dry flat. Deep Cleansing, pour a decent amount into the spray cap and immerse the brush into the solution, let the brush soak into the cleanser for about one minute. Squeeze excess cleanser out of the brush. Reshape and let air dry, laid flat.

I prefer spot cleansing though, the brushes dry faster and you can use in a short while plus it will save my product too, mostly I wash when I want to deep clean.

Have you tried Zoeva brush cleanser before? How do you clean your makeup brushes?

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  1. I like this review! It was very useful for me! Thank you!)

  2. Great review!

  3. Love this review!! I might need to try it; I usually use the johnsons baby shampoo.
    Afeeyah xo

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