Lady Wannabe Blog: Essence In The Nude Lipstick & Lip Liner

Essence In The Nude Lipstick & Lip Liner

Hello everyone,

I got the Essence In The Nude Lipstick and liner a while back... while I was on the hunt for perfect nude lipstick... I'm still on the hunt tho** I think nude lipstick shades are the hardest to find..
Essence 52 in the nude lipstick; comes in a really cute color-coded packaging which is same as the lipstick color. It is obviously a nude lipstick it has pink undertone, it has a really lovely scent, smells like candy. It is a very moisturising lipstick, creamy and is not so pigmented, it also glides on smoothly.. The staying power is not so great 1-2hours.
As for being a perfect nude or not? This isn't a nude for me, it kind of washes me out.. I wear it under other lip colors sometimes. To avoid this from getting ashy I accompany it with a dark/medium brown lip liner.
Essence says: The cool lip liner colors ensure clear contours and beautiful, shapely lips. a practical effect: the lipliner is smudge-proof and especially long-lasting.

Essence 11 in the nude lip liner: this is a pink shade with brown undertone, it is super creamy and soft, glides on so smooth and it doesn't scratch the lip. It can be worn alone with a clear gloss as it blends in well, it so creamy you won't know it's a liner.

As much as I like the warm color, I find this liner too soft, even when I press very gently it tends to break and then I have to finish up with my finger. The staying power is much better than the lipstick, it lasts really long around 5-6 hours.
The lip liner is great on it's own it doesn't wash me out, as for the lipstick I can't wear it alone because it's not pigmented and when I try to build the color it becomes too much and I look like a ghost.... Together they both look great, the lipstick adds shine to the lip liner. 

Price wise? they are both affordable, on repurchasing?! as for the lipstick since it comes out well with a brown lip liner I may repurchase but as for the lip liner I'm unsure as it is too soft but gives nice finish (I think that is what matters right?) but it doesn't quite do a good job as a liner. 

Have you tried essence in the nude lipstick/liner or any of their products? What's your fave nude lipstick? Have a lovely day! 

Liner--RM4.90 Lipstick 10.90..Available at most Watsons stores.

Tried any this essence lipstick or any of their products?? Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I love this combination! <3 Great!

  2. Nude has always been my win win any day...

  3. Then together you shall use em lol. I'm still looking for the perfect nude lipstick.

  4. That's a lovely colour and I too love nude. Great post.


  5. Love the colour! I love a nude lip!

    Shanna |

  6. Have used their lip pencils and lipsticks though i still have them in makeup purse.Like the nude lipstick,don't have any favorite nude lipstick still on the look out for one.

  7. I love nude lipsticks........they are my fav...

  8. I love products from Essence, but I haven't tried these yet :)

    +I followed you via GFC, I really like your blog x

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  9. I love nude lipsticks and that looks great on you.
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  10. I like the color of the liner better than the lipstick and I agree with you that nude colors are the hardest to find. Most of them just blend into my lip color and it looks like I have nothing on.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  11. This is great. I would love to try that out.


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