Lady Wannabe Blog: Five (5) Product Face

Five (5) Product Face

Hello everyone, 

I've been seeing the 5 product face post and I was like ohh I'll give this a try soon. Basically you have to create a look using only five product...This is somehow challenging as normally I use more products .. So I went for the products I felt was essential.. A good base, some colors on the cheeks and eyes, a nice brow, extended lashes and color on the lips.

So I used: My all time fave drugstore foundation Revlon colorstay in 370 toast, it is a light weight medium coverage foundation(it's also buildable), covers my blemishes and lasts long, this is just a perfect base... As for my cheeks I used Ruilisi Blush palette, I got this palette for only RM10 and it's super pigmented and lasts almost all day, I used the first two colors... For my brow I used an Anonymous eye brow pencil I got this from the night market, it lasts long as well.... I also used the blush palette for my eye just to add a little color... Because my lashes are a little extended I went for Elianto Voluminising mascara to add some volume and finally for my lips I used one of my current fave lip product Silkygirl gloss on lipcolor in warm berry.

This is my first time trying this, I'll definitely try again with some other products, this was so quick and easy... Ok I challenge you to try this.. create a makeup look with only five product :) I'll like to see some bloggers post lol (UgoFolaMobolajistyle-krush) please feel free to tag yourselves :)

Do have a fabulous day!

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  1. you look amazing Babe, I can try this challenge:)

  2. Erm, my daily routine actually involves mostly 3 but sometimes 4 items lool. I should probably cover my face but there's no shame in this body *kanye shrug*

  3. You look lovely, I really want to play with colors on my eyes but I'm so afraid. The five product challenge would have been so easy for me years ago, but now that I'm getting into makeup, I can't believe how much product I use to create the final finish...amazing. You did good!

    Kreyola Jounerys

    1. Thank you :) colors ain't that bad hehe! take a leap of faith lol :)

  4. You totally killed this challenge and it looks natural! I'm going to try.. thanks for sharing. Pas: You have a new follower :)

  5. I think you look gorgeous in this simple makeup! :D Sometimes all you need are the basics to enhance your natural beauty, and girl you've nailed it. <3

  6. Great look
    i like the soft colors on your face

  7. You have a very a very beautiful skin tone! I love all of this makeup!


  8. I can do the five product challenge, my daily makeup is as simple as eyebrows, foundation, power and eyeliner sometimes.

  9. I'm tagging myself :)

  10. Lovely post! x I usually use only 2 or 3 products, because I'm too lazy :)

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  11. cute.. loving the lip color

  12. In all the make up, all i was raving for was the hat you have on. Ive never been able to pull of a hat this nice.

  13. This is beautiful <3 I love the bright colors on you. I wish I cared about/wore a lot of makeup, because I'd get more about bloggers' makeup posts. Haha. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment for me, too! I appreciated it! :D

    - Anna

  14. The look is gorgeous and so is the the blush palette. I can't thin I could do the challenge lol. Not enough products :)


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