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Current Beauty Faves

Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing great? 
I have been wanting to share faves post for sometime now but the thing is this moment I love this and the next moment I love something else, so I couldn't just decide.. Anyway these are some products I've been loving recently....
Avon Stylish Eyelash Curler, so I did a review something ago saying this doesn't make any difference to lashes, well I was wrong, turns out I was using it wrongly.. This bad boy or girl just curls my lashes so good, when I apply mascara I feel it.

Real Techniques Buffing brush, Ohh I can't remember whose blog I first saw a review on this but God bless that blogger. This is one of the best brushes I've tried for foundation like seriously it just gives this gorgeous flawless finish. I've been using this for months now and it has been good to me, no shredding what so ever. It actually comes in the core collection set.

Style Master precision tapered brush, I use this to blend my brow concealer, it's just a great tool the pointed end does all the work for me. Good quality brush that does a good job and it comes really cheap. Big yay! It comes in a set of four. 

Silkygirl Lipstick in Simply pink, I'm more of a pink lady, I shy away from red lipstick (well I'm changing) anyway this lipstick is a gorgeous everyday pink lipstick, it is very smooth and creamy, glides on well, it does last for a couple of hours especially with a lip liner. I wore it in this post

Avon Fruit Smoothie Lip Balm in Orange, this lips balm is on of Avon's Simply Pretty collection, I actually got it in their clearance section. This lip balm is so moisturising I can't even explain it, Avon does have nice and good quality stuff.. I find it more moisturising than the Maybelline baby lips **no joke... and gosh it smells so good.

Silkygirl Gloss on Lipcolor in Warm Berry, this is one of those coincidental purchases, I was at Aeon and they had some cosmetics on sale.. I browsed through and found this baby, she has been my companion ever since, it is a berry kinda nude lip color, doesn't last long but it's quite hydrating. 

Avon Little Red Dress Purse Concentre, Oh dear this is how I smell on the go, this fragrance is so***** I don't know how to describe it but it's smell DAH-mazing.. I used a few fragrance from Avon this is my fave so far. It is an EDP and it lasts for couple of hours.
Elianto Cream Concealer in 03 Warm, I've been using this all day lately, I use it to conceal dark circles and it works just fine no complains.. I also use this for my eyebrow area. 

Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Soft Tan, I wrote a review on this powder before, it just suits my oily skin, helps control oil for a couple of hours, definitely going for another pan. 

What are your recent beauty faves? Tried any of mine? Do have a fabulous day! 

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  1. The eyelash curler looks good, maybe I need to get one.

  2. wow i need that eyelash curler! im sending you an email now sef :)

  3. I have an eyelash curler, but I have no idea how to use it. It is always so awkward to use for me. I'm determined to tackle that next =).

  4. I tagged you in a post. do check

  5. Like seriously,how do eyelash curlers work?! I've got one and it doesn't do anything as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I just don't know how to use it.

    1. Try heating it with a blow dryer, you'll get amazing results

  6. Real techniques buffing brush is amazing.

  7. I've really liked Avon's products so far! They're amazing xx

    Love, Sara Wallflower


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