Lady Wannabe Blog: Blogger’s Block?... Blog Updates.. Giveaway!!... Blah Blah...

Blogger’s Block?... Blog Updates.. Giveaway!!... Blah Blah...

Hello everyone,
Hope you all are doing great? Today it's a kind of different post.. just some random talks and a little blog updates....

So lately I've been having some sort of a blogger's block (if that's what i should call it?) OR well maybe not? For 2-3 weeks now I've been busy and trying to keep up with the blog.. honestly the reason I do have some posts at all is because they've been drafted for a while.. Last Sunday I realized I had no post scheduled for the week (ohh ohh) I've just been too lazy to even touch up draft (chaii))... That aside.. Checking out previous posts I notice the blog has been leaning more to beauty and reviews.. if you've been following my blog from beginning you'll know it hasn't been so... Anyways I thought of bringing back some old goodies posts/series.. RECIPES, ONE ITEM THREE WAYS, RANDOM POSTS(inspirational quotes etc.), and adding more FASHION wise thingys..

In other news I'm an online contributor for Welovestyle, Welovestyle is an online fashion Magazine by Jumia Nigeria.. It isn't just a fashion blog(when you hear fashion blog.. you randomly think women). There are segments like Men tips, style tips, makeup looks and trends.. Be kind to check out out my profile.

After a long day if I'm not blogging I'll be checking out other blogs and/or watching YouTube, it's just so hard to remember the names of all your fave blogs/tubers or a blog you just discovered... Even when you follow you might still miss a post or two .. So I decided to put them all in one place I created my own blogroll... here I can be up to date! (I'm adding new blogs daily lol)... Feel free to go there and discover new blogs (there is love in sharing)... I'll also be adding my fave online stores soon..

Ohhh yea! go check out my fab blog neighbors giveaway.... is giving away LOADS of goodies!!! No miss am ohhh (Open worldwide), blushesanddimples 400,000 page views giveaway!!! and also check missymayification's giveaway here.

What have you guys been up to? Do you have anything to add/share.. I'll love to hear from you.. Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I should try stocking up posts in drafts too, I always just plan it for the week. Thanks for sharing the various giveaways, looking forward to more most on one item 3 ways and more fashion post.

    Princess Audu

    1. yah.. jus makes things easier.. and it's good for lazy days hehe

  2. I always draft up my posts for convenience :)

  3. Congratulations on being a contributor.

  4. Phew!...Found your blog at last! I am gonna sit tight .....waddup mami...

  5. I've not been feeling 'gingered' to blog lately.
    I guess it just a phase that would pass soon.

  6. Tell me about piling up draft post and never having the time to finish them up and post. It happens to me all the time , Blogging is not as easy as people perceive it to be,but you're doing great. I'll check out your blog roll.



  7. The "bloggers block" is of Satan the devil o... I've since learnt to draft anything in advance before I get carried away by other things... Congratulations!! I checked your profile on WeLoveStyle... Keep the good work going


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