Lady Wannabe Blog: MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 1 & 10

MUA Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 1 & 10

Hello everyone, 
Have you ever bought something and you are like yes yes I want more LOL! That's how I feel about these shadows. These are my first MUA eyeshadows, in fact the reason I bought these duo was because of the price, no harm in try na?? Aye! I'm glad I bought them.. These shadows are well pigmented, soft and very blend-able. 

The packaging is ok as you can see nothing serious really simple but I'm afraid to drop them(it might break), both shadows are pigmented and they both give metallic finish.. so easy to pick up with brush because of this it's so easy to work with and a little goes a long way. I had no issues with shadow fall out, that adds a +1 to it. 
Shade 1 is an ivory shade which in my opinion it's good for brow bone highlight and a good shade for tear duct area. It is said to be a good dupe for Mac Nylon
Shade 10 ok this shade confused me on the website it is purple but right here all I see is a navy blue shade, this shade blends so well.. I used this in one of my previous posts, the shade is just gorg! It is said to be a dupe for Mac naval

Yes recommended! I will love to try other shades if possible! I'm sure this would look great if applied wet.. hmm I should try that.

Have you tried any MUA's product? or this any of their shadows? Have a fabulous day!

Available here--here
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  1. I like it...I think I like the ivory shade more. I should get it but I don't know where..but when I do I'll come and brag about it here. *winks*

  2. Love the Colours! :)

  3. I like the shades you picked up and the look you created with them- perfect :) xx Maja

  4. Not a fan of eye shadows, though it looks good on some people. I have a wedding in September, and i'm one of the chief bridesmaids - Apparently we have a make up artist to do our make up and I cannot avoid it - I'm really dreading it

  5. I love these eye shadow s!


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