Lady Wannabe Blog: Current Obsession; Tinted Lip Balms

Current Obsession; Tinted Lip Balms

Hello everyone, 
For sometime now I've been obsessed with tinted lipbalms... well it's not really an obsession I just love a little color on my lips, you know when I'm indoors or just going down to get a delivery package. 

L-R Avon Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Lip Tint, Lip Ice Sheer Colour Lip Balm, Guardian Colorblast,  Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Cherry Berry, Watsons Magic Lip Balm.
So after swatching these on my hand I realized they are almost same shade except for the Avon lip tint (shame on me).. Not only does these babies moisturize the lips they add colors too(you already know that), recently I found out they look great under lipsticks, you know they bring out/tone down lipstick.  

What makeup product(s) are you currently loving? Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. oooh maybe I need to invest in some of these... I am a HUGE fan of EOS and of course it has no color but I love the lightness and that fact it keeps my lips moisturized. A little color would make a huge difference. Thanks for the post :)


    1. I never tried eos.. lots of mixed reviews haha! u shld add a few tinted balms just for a lil color :)

  2. I actually use is very nice...

  3. Yes they make lipstics look really good nd bring out the rich color. My current obsession would be lipstick. I leave the house these days with just baby powder and lipstick*the darker the better*

    1. good to know, well I'm not really a fan of dark lipsticks lol! :)

  4. I'm loving Maybelline lipstick in violet intruige and using the babylips under it is not bad at all.

  5. I'm a fan of lip balms but they aren't really popular over here.

  6. Great reviews! I've never actually used tinted lip balms before but I do like using lip balms, espeically in the winter! You have just opened up a new obsession for me!


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