Lady Wannabe Blog: Shopping On eBay--How To Get Great Deals

Shopping On eBay--How To Get Great Deals

Hello everyone,

By now you should know I love bargains, great deal and the word SALE is one of the favourite words I love to hear, don't blame me.. blame mother nature and another thing you already know is I love shopping on eBay and even though I love eBay there are some things I can't buy cheap.. you know those good to be true stuffs.. but things like accessories(watches, necklaces, earrings, ring), makeup brush, some makeup product and clothings are on the safe side. Also shopping on eBay can require some tactics (LOL) to get great prices and deals

1. Let your searches be specific, so if you are looking for a statement necklace don't go searching for necklace, because normally when you type in necklace your result might show other types necklaces, save yourself some time.. the more specific you are, the easier it will be for you to find what you are looking for. Be specific! hit the nail on the head.

2. Save on shipping cost, the reason you are shopping online is to get it for less, so saving some cents on shipping is crucial, for instance first search for sellers that offers free shipping, then search for nearby sellers.. for example if you leave in Malaysia search for sellers in Malaysia definitely the shipping cost will be lesser. Also remember just because an item is cheap doesn't mean you have to pay huge amount on shipping cost..

3. Always compare prices, ahhh seriously! don't tell me you just buy the first item you see?! Search page by page if possible, remember good things don't come easy, it's eBay there is always one seller with higher price and another with lower price with exactly same item.

4. Check seller status before you pay, honestly this is important, ensure to check the seller is a trusted seller, also check if the seller has great amount of feedbacks and how long they have been on eBay...

5. You can get better deals right before an auction ends, this one is something I do, I've won some auctions by biding in less than few minutes before it ends, see an item you like? Check the time the auction ends start bidding like 4 -5 minutes before it ends... may not work always but it's worth the try.

6. Don't forget to check daily deals, you'll get to see daily discounted items and great deal plus shipping is always free!!

Got any more tips to share?? Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Use to be skeptical about shopping on ebay but now am relieved thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice informative post, I've always been wary of shopping online, but I might give it a go one of these days.

  3. I love ebay! Great finds for less than half the price


  4. funmi, pls hw do you find aliexpress ? is ok? pls tell me how reliable it is.

    1. Aliexpress is ok, it's very reliable, shipping might take a while tho, but waiting isn't the problem as far a I get what I ordered... If you're not sure try to order small piece/item (shipping is free so nothing much to lose). Hope this helps :)

  5. Very informative ! Am a big fan of eBay and so far never had an bad experience .x

  6. Great tips! Thanks x
    I wonder, do you sell stuff on eBay?/ Do you have seller tips?

    x TFLA: x

  7. That was helpful, thanks for sharing the advice!

  8. its something am finding hard to do, but i definitely will give it a shot\

  9. I have always been wary of ebay but i'll try to put this tactics to use soon.


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