Lady Wannabe Blog: The Edit - Only 7 (Seven) Makeup Brushes

The Edit - Only 7 (Seven) Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone,
I remember when I used to apply makeup with my fingers, especially foundation, I'll look all good in the mirror but when I take photos chaiii... I can't even explain.. Biko please don't judge me.. Anyway thank God for my life LOL!

I want to share my most loved makeup brushes, most used I'll say.. So literally if I could pick only 7 brushes these ones would definitely be my picks 

1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush, it doesn't even need any introduction, most makeup lovers loves this, myself included, it applies foundation flawlessly giving an airbrush finish. Prior to this I used the regular foundation brush Oh dear Lord that brush is pure torture or maybe it's just me who doesn't know how to use it.. Anyway this buffing brush is God sent, it can also be used for mineral foundation, blush etc.. I haven't tried it. It comes in the Core collection set so you can't get this alone. (link)

2. KeQi Cheek Brush, this is my one of my newest love, ohh my this brush is sooo soft(I wish I could make it into a pillow..I'll sleep all day).. I use this to apply powder all over. It is bigger than my regular powder brush... and I know it's called cheek but it's a little too large for blush in my opinion.

3. Zoeva Blush Brush, this brush came in my Zoeva basic set which I reviewed here, it is angled and small, just perfect for my cheek bones.. and it's also soft, picks the right amount of product and place them well. The other brush I'll like to try is the RT blush brush but it appears too big (link)

4. Real Techniques Contour Brush, RT contour brush is another fave from the core collection, the bristles are tapered and small allows easy contouring... use this at the hollows of my cheek. I sometimes use this to set my under eye concealer. (link)

5. Zoeva Wing Liner Brush, Zoeva 317 brush has been love from the first day, it's thin and soft, a little big tho, but does a great precision job, because it's not so tiny I don't spend much time on perfecting the liner.. it make the job easy breezy.(link)

6. Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush, Ohhh this is one of my fave eBay buys of all time, it hasn't shredded once, the other side is angled, perfect for inner eye area and brow bone highlight, it does a great job of packing shadows.. I ordered 2 more of this. That's how much it is loved. (link)

7. Style Master Blending Brush, got this in set, been loving it for months now, does a good job at blending, one thing I like about this brush is it picks the shadow well and places them right. It is a little scratchy tho, but not harsh.. nothing one can't manage. (link)

I actually have one extra brush I LOVE why I forgot to add this **I don't kno** It's my brow brush, it is also from KeQi.. does a really great job and it's super soft.

I left links to the brushes incase you want to check them out.. What are your favorite brushes? and your top 7.. Let me know so I can lust after them  :) Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. U won't believe this that up till now i don't use brushes for my makeup though i got a purse that contained like 7 diff types. Maybe it wasn't the right one esp the powder brush so i just stick to puff. I still wanna try out other brushes tho

    1. hehe! U shld try using them.. makes application easier and flawless :)

  2. I swear I don't know any of these brushes... I am just here going through this post and wondering "what in God's name is this girl talking about"

  3. LOL at the "they would look all cute in the mirror " part. THANK YOU for this post... I have really been trying to find the right brushes for the best application. Your insight def helps.


  4. i am judging you lol you used ur hands omg j/k lmao. i love real techniques brushes but i live for my sedona lace brushes.

    1. haha! never tried sedona lace brushes tho.. will chck them out :)

  5. oh! I am finding my favorite brushes are my ELF kabuki brush, and my costal scents eye shadow brush and this double end Sonia Kashuk set I got from target is pretty decent too... i'm a beginner so I don't know any better. lol

    1. I'll will check out Sonia Kashuk brushes.. I'm glad the post helped :)

  6. Nice. I mostly use my powder brush and blush brush

  7. hmmm... i am learning some new things sha..did not knw some of their uses tho

  8. I love my elf powder brush d most.on lazy days i use it for foundation,to blend concealer n then for powder but my kabuki tapered and flat top r very necessary.Maybe my angled brow brush for eyeliner and my blending brush too for my transition colours.I should do a post like this too.

  9. I have the real techniques core collection set but I've only used the buffing brush so far. Need to start making good use of them.

  10. I still use my fingers to apply foundation. 'Flips weaves'.
    Ok, I really need to invest in brushes. Esp. The real technique set.

  11. Omg Im so happy i saw this. I was worried when I invested on a set of Keqi brushes! Does it shed? :(


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