Lady Wannabe Blog: Hooked On Lately...These Makeup Tips..

Hooked On Lately...These Makeup Tips..

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure the title if this post is ok or clear, I just wasn't sure but this post is about some makeup tips that I recently embraced (still same thing).. I don't want to say I just found out about them because I have known about some for a while but I just didn't think it was necessary or that they even matter at all.. Well the experts didn't lie

Color Correcting? oh yes it works, the first time I ever knew/heard about color correcting was last year from the amazing YouTube guru Destiny Godly, after watching her video I jumped right on the internet to find color corrector palettes but the only available one I could find then was Zoeva concealer palette (now I ask myself why I got such a huge palette when I'm not a makeup artist). I tried to work with this palette but I just didn't get it and I gave up until sometime last month ... Ok here was the problem I was applying the corrector after foundation WRONG move! As soon as I discovered my mistakes it's now as easy as A..B..C.. Hello to no dark circles. :P

Lip Lining is essential, Ohh yea, I just didn't think I needed this that much but hello for less bright lipstick you could get away with it.. but bright colored ones especially red.. hmmm you = especially for lipsticks that also enhances the lipstick and makes it last longer.. SO now it's me my lip liner and my lips..weird I'm checking out more lip liners than lipsticks in-store.

Little did I know blending was the key, yes it is... for a flawless eye makeup you need to adopt the habit of blending.. and yes yours truly just did and it's working out fine.

Oh no Lighter shade Concealer isn't for me, alright some of you might disagree on this and ya I know the gurus said use a lighter shade concealer to highlight your brow, well maybe they are wrong or right but that doesn't work for me, or I'm was using a shade way too light... For me personally I hate that eyebrow concealer line.. I found out my shade of concealer works just fine.. no more scarecrow look.. **evil grin**

The hand may be great for applying concealer, eyeshadow but not for foundation... well in my opinion... a makeup brush does an almost flawless job.. why the heck did it take so long to realize that? Makes the job easier and faster.. Ain't nobody got time to waste! Great thing is makeup brushes ain't that expensive any more.. there are cheaper ones that delivers excellent results.

You got oily skin you got to blot! ya? I first found out what blotting was from the gorgeous blogger & YouTuber Omosalewa... well I never paid any attention to it lol.. but I got a pack blotting sheets anyway... Well now I'm picking up on that.

Ohhh there it is.... Let me know your fave makeup tricks and tips I'll love to try them out! Have a fabulous day and week ahead!!!! 

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  1. I don't use lighter shade of concealer on my brows either. My shade works just fine

  2. lip lining is great- especially with darker lipsticks! great post :)

    Wiyld - Find Beauty in Everything

  3. i use a lighter shade for my lower part of my brows and my shade for d top I like that highlighted look but i use the next shade after my shade tho so its not too light

  4. I wish I knew how you did all these things...

  5. I sure have missed a lot of things, how are you? Thanks for this

  6. Using the makeup brush to apply foundation. For some very weird reason I prefer using a wedge than a brush. Its super easy for me. You should try the wedge mami. I'm sure you would like it.

    1. For real?? I have a few of those but I use em for nail art lol... Uhmmm I'll def try for foundation now... :)

  7. Great collection of tips! I don't wear lip liner nearly as often as I should, especially given that I wear bright lips all the time! xo



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