Lady Wannabe Blog: Beauty Essentials For Harmattan

Beauty Essentials For Harmattan

Hi guys, how is your week so far? 

I'm not in Nigeria but most of my friends are complaining of the harmattan, so I thought I'd share a few beauty essentials for the harmattan. Cheap and easy to find products.

Petroleum Jelly: This one is multi-purpose, the most popular brand is Vaseline,  you can practically use this for almost everything, as a hand cream, body cream. It prevents dryness. Check out several ways to use Vaseline by SISIYEMMIE

Lip Balm: You need to protect your lip from chapping, flaking and all that. Infact have more than, One in your every where bag, one at home and another extra.. You also need to exfoliate your lips when necessary.

Shea Butter: Huhu.. Do I need to say why you need this, your hair, body, nails etc With this you are covered. 

Hand cream: Carry this every where, you don't want people to avoid shaking you :/

Jojoba Oil: Another multi purpose, skin, hair, scalp... Use especially for your scalp, to avoid dryness. 

Body Scrub: You need to exfoliate, remove old flaking skin, use once or twice a week. If you can't get a scrub you can make a simple DIY, mix sugar with honey as easy as that. 

PS if you want to use body lotion, ensure you mix with body oil, oil helps to prevent dryness and most importantly protect yourself properly from dust and cold. 

Whoop! there it is essentials for the harmattan, do you have other product / items you use? Please share! What are you essentials. 

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  1. great review.
    i love shea butter.

  2. Shea Butter and beauty scrub a must for me.

  3. Petroleum Jelly, Shea butter, n' Jojoba Oil are my go to items too!

  4. As much as I hate vaseline on lips it seems to work for a lot of things! I keep lip balm with me, and shea butter is such a great product! Hope you're having a great week!
    xoxo, Ty

  5. Love the products you chose...think its essential for any time of year too since we all suffer from dry skin from time to time too.

  6. Totally love my shea butter and baby oil.

  7. Thanks for the info...I basically use lip balm and hand cream...will try others

  8. Shea butter is marvellous! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?
    Regards from Madrid


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