Lady Wannabe Blog: Easy Spicy Chicken Gizzard Recipe

Easy Spicy Chicken Gizzard Recipe

Hello everyone, 
I hope your week was great? and welcome to another weekend! & ya! a simple recipe for you! Gizzard isn't one of those things I pick up at every grocery shopping but once a while I love to include it in my meals, when I'm not adding it to tomato stew--I love to make an easy spicy sauce with only few ingredients. 

You'll need 
Chicken gizzard(cleaned)
Cooking oil
Tomatoes (sliced)
Chili pepper(sliced)
Green bell pepper(sliced)
Curry, maggi cube(s), salt to taste.
-Heat up the cooking oil and fry the already cooked gizzard(let it fry till you're satisfied)
-In another pot, heat up oil, add the sliced onion, tomatoes and chili and let it fry.
-Add the ingredients(curry, maggi, salt)
-Add the sliced carrot and green pepper
-Add the already fried gizzard and stir
-Add a little of the gizzard stock, cover pot and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 
--C'est fini 

--& how easy was that! You can serve with rice, spaghetti-- but here I'm serving with macaroni. 

Have a lovely weekend ahead! and hope December treats us all well! :) 

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  1. OOOO Funmi you don't understand how the last beef sauce helped me and now this *dancing*. i wil try it tomorow can't wait

  2. Hahah,love my DOGOGIZZard! Never thought to try it with rice/spaghetti 'hmmm' gonna try this,thanks! Ify Emmanson

    1. I did ooo and it was so sweet ate the remaining at work today lol

  3. Looks so good! I personally however prefer chicken liver over gizzard but my father loves gizzard!

  4. That looks super yum! Great way to spice up plain ole' gizzards.

  5. very attractive.thats enough reason to want to eat it..


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