Lady Wannabe Blog: eBay Cheap Finds; Mac 217 & 239 Dupes

eBay Cheap Finds; Mac 217 & 239 Dupes

Hello everyone, 
217 and 239 brushes are probably the most hyped eye brushes from Mac, especially the 217, lots of beauty gurus swear by this one and it is said to be un-dupe-able. After hearing about it's (217) awesomeness I added it my must have list but dang the price isn't just friendly, yes RM99 (appr. N5064) is not exactly cheap! is it?!

I got these two brushes from eBay couple of months ago, well they claim to be dupes for 217 and 239 and honestly they were just too dirt cheap not to try... No brand names they are just labeled 217 and 239.. I own neither of the original brushes 
217 ($1.55) is a blending brush, it's soft and quite dense, I've seen the mac one in action on YouTube and it seems it's a little smaller/shorter and precise than this. This brush is a bit big, it picks and blends eyeshadow quite well but goes a bit above the crease (sometimes when I want to color in crease only).. apart from that it does a great job at blending. I'm going to order more of this probably 2 or 3.

239 ($1.55) is a shader brush, it's also dense but shorter and big too it covers my entire small lid haha! this brush packs eyeshadow well, this is one those brushes you can use to pack and blend and the same time(I don't know if you get me). This brush is sooo great with loose eyeshadow. I already have 2 of them, not sure I want more.

I love both brushes, they've not shed once (I've been using them for more than 2 months now) and they are so easy to clean, the dirt come off easily. I did mention that they are soft but they didn't come that way a lot of conditioning softened the bristles.

Mac 217 and 239 are probably the only brushes I will splurge on (they are RM99 and 103 respectively), YES! especially 217 but till I eventually do I'll rock n roll with alternatives. Other alternatives for 217 are Sigma E25, Bdellium 776, Zoeva 227 & 224 and for 239 are Zoeva 234, Sigma E55.

Do you have the 217 and 239 brushes or alternatives? Let me know I'll love to check them out! Have a fabulous day!

You can get them here and here OR on

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  1. Mac brushes are overrated. I love my sigma brushes especially my E45 and there is this no name brand 24 pieces brush I got from amazon(VERY CHEAP) that am so in love with right now+its PINK. PS: love the changes you've made on your blog. IFY EMMANSON

    1. haha! and ridiculously expensive lol... and thanks :)

  2. Funmi please share with me how you got your personal pic at the side bar to be this big


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