Lady Wannabe Blog: Zoeva Luxe Color Blush; Burning up

Zoeva Luxe Color Blush; Burning up

Hello everyone, 
This my first makeup from Zoeva, brushes are not exactly makeup are they? Luxe Color Blushes have been on my wishlist for the longest time but I just kept procrastinating-- and I did until Luxola included Zoeva to non sale brands-- well it isn't expensive but it's good to have 30% off anything at least!

Burning up is described as natural peach-brown with matte finish, well I'll say it is true to color. It is soft, feels buttery and easy to blend--it's so easy to pick up with brush and isn't chalky. I'm in love with the packaging as well classy and sturdy, the mirror included is quite helpful and useful. 

This that everyday blush or the one for that warm glow look and as you can see from the swatch it is quite pigmented, after hours it's still on. 

Things I love? it gives a natural flush to the cheek, easy to apply, not chalky and last for hours. There isn't really anything I don't like about this blush.  
I think it comes in 6 shades, I have Rush Rush on my next wishlist, YES! recommended, you can give this a try if you haven't already but if you are darker than me you might want to try some other shades.  

Have you tried any of the Zoeva Luxe blushes? Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous day! 36) or 7.80 EUR)
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  1. I must have been under a rock somewhere in utah*lol*1st time of hearing of this brand.

    1. oh well not really, Zoeva is a German cosmetics brand, i believe they just started getting popular to the rest of the world-- so u'r not really under a rock lol :)

  2. Omg, this shade is amazing! If I had found better swatches or photos of the shades this would've been purchased right away! Instead I bought the sun power blush palette from them! I think you totally NEED it! It's full of peaches, oranges, golds, warm neutral blushes! It should be gorgeous on your darker complexion like this shade is!

    1. Thanks Sharlynn! the sun power palette has been sold out like forever..i'm still waiting for it! now I feel I must have it haha! Thanks for recommending :D

  3. please how can i get this in nigeria? many websites dont deliver here

    1. I really don't know any website yet, if I do know I'll let you know.. feel free to drop ur email, just in case :)

  4. This is truly a very pretty blush. Really like it!!

  5. Just my kind of make up , the blush is so natural looking on your skin . I love it.


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