Lady Wannabe Blog: A Few New Brushes...

A Few New Brushes...

Hello everyone, 
From the comments I got from the giveaway post seems a few people love to see haul post, I really don't like sharing haul post unless I'm shopping from a new place or it's something really exciting plus I get lazy to put together stuffs that I've bought (yah I know crazy) anyways I've added a few makeup brushes lately so I thought I'd share them with you.. 

L: Ecotool tapered blush brush, R: Unbranded powder brush

Luxola just started stocking Ecotool products, so I decided to get the blush brush, I've kinda wanted it for a while now plus I had RM50 voucher so ya! you know the rest of the story. This brush is super soft and fluffy, it really picks up products really well. Next is this powder brush I got from AEON big, it's also fluffy and soft, great for dusting powder, it is particularly best with loose powders as it's too soft to pick compact one. 

 L-R: Unbranded angled brush. Essence precise eyeliner brush, Ecotool angled brush, Zoeva 322 brow line

The next set of brushes are angled, I got the Unbranded angled brush from AEON big also-it is a really nice and soft brush quite thin enough for the brow but I use it to apply concealer under the brows. Essence precise eyeliner brush ooh my!!! this brush lives up to it's name, thin and soft but yet draws a perfect precise line, I love how small it is - easy to hold. Ecotool angled brush, I didn't order this intentionally, the flat liner brush was pictured but this was sent to me but well I love it, it's great for both brows and liner. The last one is the Zoeva 322 brow line- I really haven't used this so I can't say much but it is short and firm but not harsh at the same time.
L-R: Essence smokey brush, Sigma e25 sample size, Zoeva 227 soft definer, Guardian nylon retractable lip brush.

This is my second essence smokey brush, yes! I love it that much, its stiff but soft.. it is more like a pencil brush but the tip is not penciled, great for precision, expect bleaching the first time you wash but that doesn't change it's awesomeness. Sigma e25, I actually made an order because I saw Luxola was giving this for free!! yes! I've had it on my wishlist for the longest time, so when I saw GWP I didn't even blink, gosh!! it is so soft I want to sleep on it, now I get the hype. Zoeva 227, this is also a blending brush like e25, infact they look almost same, it is soft and super fluffy. Finally the retractable lip brush from guardian, this one is also my second one, I loove this, it is precise and easy to use, it's just like using a pencil(I can't describe it but it is awesome). 

Tried any of these brushes? or have you added any new thing(s) lately? Do share I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Great brushes you've got there! I've owned several ecotools brushes and actually use their original blush brush (which isn't tapered) for packing on powder. I also like their eyeshadow brush for applying cream shadows and for one color looks. That smokey brush from essence looks great! I personally am searching for more tapered pointed brushes that are soft and can apply and blend product at the same time. I'm actually planning to treat myself with some of Wayne Gosses eye brushes! *squeal*

    1. I'm jumping on the ecotools wagon, already have a few to add to my collection, I'll check out Wayne Goss brushes.. I hope I don't lust after them too much haha!

  2. im drooling right now..I love brushes!


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