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Currently Loving....

Hello beauties,
I really love checking out monthly favorites from other bloggers, makes one discover new and exciting products but can make you buy what you actually don't need at times lol! anyways! I've been loving a few things lately, thought I'd share with you guys, I have both beauty and makeup products here, 

Let's start with the skincare products, haha! funny all four are from 2 brands, coincidence you say?!
I have never tried any cleansing oil, I always use wipes or regular makeup removers but for some reason I picked up Biore Cleansing Oil weeks ago and I've been lavvving et! To be honest I always thought since I have oily skin, anything oil is my enemy but this isn't true, I love how the Biore cleansing oil makes my skin feel(really soft), I prefer using warm water to get the oil off instead of cotton pad, I feel that way it cleanses more.

The first facial spray i tried was Elianto's EX Moist facial spray which got me facial spray curious, since Elianto's spray I've tried a couple, when I saw Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water I was intrigued, en! yes the numerous uses got me like ok! well it doesn't do all that it claims to do for me but this is very soothing and moisturizing, I use before makeup, to refreshen my face and what I do like this for is that it relieve burn yes!!! I always get burns from cooking steam and just one spray instantly relieves and soothes the skin..

If you are familiar with Biore, you will know they do good skincare products, I randomly picked up Biore Anti Blemish Smooth Scrub weeks ago and I must say I'm loving it! Here is the thing I do have one or two zits/breakouts once in a while but for some reason all that stopped and yes! since I started using this daily scrub, it was the only new thing I introduced to my skin care.

Finding a good eye cream is a bit difficult, especially when you have dark circles, apart from dark circles my under eye area is also dry which is where Bio Essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Intense Eye Cream(what a long name) comes in, this eye cream soothes and moisturizes but the only problem is it takes a while to dry up, it is not all thick or liquidy-- it contains hyaluronic Acid, olive oil and cranberry oil. 

I must say the reviews about L.A girl concealers are accurate, yes! this is my first time trying them out! I love the consistency, how easy it is to blend and of course the longevity is good. The shades I got here are Fawn and Toffee which are my skin match. 

I shared my go to eyebrow products sometime ago, I thought that will last for a while--well I'm currently loving Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow Liner in Dark Brown, I love how this glides on, it feels a bit waxy, and little goes a long way. If you love natural looking brows you will definitely love this and it stays on all day--no jokes it is colorstay

I got the Power Volumising Mascara a very long time ago but I didn't start using it until recently, it is a waterproof mascara, this mascara gives volume no joke and stays on for hours without clumping. The only issue is it is a little hard to remove because is waterproof. 

Now unto the brushes, first up I got NARS Kabuki Yachiyo Brush no it's a dupe from buyincoins and this brush is amazingly soft, I love to use this to apply blush, highlight and contour powder, it is made from goat hair BTW. Another love is the E.L.F Small Tapered Brush, ooh my! this brush is amazing, it is soft and because of it's small and tapered shape it is great for applying powder under the eye area which is what I love it for, is also good for applying highlighter and contour powders. Lastly Sigma E25 brush, this is probably one of the most popular eye brushes, I got this as a free sample and I must confess I now get the hype, great for apply precisely, it blends very perfectly and I love how very soft it is. I can't wait to get more brushes from Sigma. 

So there it is! The few things I've been loving lately... Have you tried anything on my list? What are your current favorite?! Do share I will love to check them out! Have a fabulous day and week ahead! 

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  1. you right you definitely discover new things. I usually dont use oily products on my face because i have oily skin but i might try this. Still looking for good product or rather mask for radiant skin and removes white heads, any suggestions?

    Simply Uneeke

  2. Oh I love the things you've got here! I totally need to get myself that brush from elf and also try that scrub from biore! I've tried that cleansing oil but it doesn't take off my waterproof eye make up properly so i'm not repurchasing that. Otherwise you've reminded to tell a friend about that la girl concealer! She's a medium indian skin tone and it's a bit hard to get darker drugstore shades in singapore as you'd know but we can find that here!

    1. you shld get the tapered brush, you will love it, haha! and I love the biore oil, maybe cos it's my first cleansing oil, when i try others I can compare -- and the la girl concealers are amazing with wide shade variation.

  3. I am a huge fan of the LA concealers but someone said I should try the MAC.. What do you think?


    1. This is mostly compared to prolong wear but I only have the studio finish concealer so I really can't compare. Hopefully I'll try prolong wear soon n do a comparison :)


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