Lady Wannabe Blog: The Ones We Don't Talk ABout

The Ones We Don't Talk ABout

Hiya beauties,
Let's talk about some random things today, eh! random things that makes difference but not always acknowledged, well maybe we just don't pay attention to them, some of these are new discoveries and old ones too, let's give some of our little ladies some love! hehe! :D

Exfoliating gloves, Ok let me just start by saying this is the first time I'm trying this out, yea! I've seen them several times in the super mart but I never paid attention to them, we all know one or two times a week exfoliation is essential, but I normally do this with a body scrub and that's it. Since I started using this gloves things changed- my skin feels clearer no jokes- I have this tiny bumps just at the center of my back downwards, the first time I used this 70% cleared up, the next time they all cleared up(+dudu osun). I feel a little itchy after use(just for few minutes). This is just a random glove I picked from Watsons pharmacy, I know the body shop has a similar one.

Whitehead/blackhead remover, I don't have much of either, for blackhead a nose pore strip and blackhead scrub is enough but I do have these annoying whiteheads around my upper lip arghhhhhh! it gets more annoying when I feel I have a perfect pout and then it shows up all over my photos :( . This remover helps a lot I use this once a week. Another random pick from Giant.

Pencil Sharpener, not something you'll go out to buy specifically, I doubt you'll ever have it on your wish list but it is important, while it is no big deal you still need a good one, to be honest not all sharpeners are same, but even at that I know I can't splurge or over spend on a sharpener, I found online that Urban Decay Grindhouse is just same as essence sharpener which is only RM4.90(cheaper than regular sharpeners) I also have another sharpener that performs well but the essence one is good for NYX JP. 

Tweezers, look at me haha! I used to scare away from this, but now I'm always plucking like I'm under a mango, tweezers are definitely essentials I believe almost everyone has one or two, to think I thought the process was super painful, tweezers are your best friends until your next brow appointment. I don't use any fancy tweezers, just a slant one I picked up from Aeon. 

Pumice stone, everyone knows this, I mean like seriously, helps to remove dead skin on the foot nobody loves dry, scaly ashy feet but to be honest sometimes I skip this for days even weeks but when I re unite with my stone it's like getting a pedicure in heaven, me = happy feet!

Let me know what you think! Have a lovely day!

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  1. Uh, I never tried a blackhead remover, But I think I could be very useful, because its more hygenic!
    Great stuff!

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  2. Can't live without my tweezers!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Seriously great stuff! I've never tried exfoliating gloves but that's because I prefer using a loofa attached onto the wooden handle! And I get through pumice stones every few months! I use them THAT much they wear down and then snap in half! And yes, tweezers are sooo important! Great post!

  4. thats new, exfoliating gloves... I never knew we had a thing like that.
    I haven't lear'nt a few things dear' thanks for sharing


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