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Essence Eye Brushes

Hello beauties, 
If you're a regular reader of this blog- then you already know I love affordables - and brushes too. Essence products are affordable and they do great job as well (quality wise) I got some of their eye brushes (I think these are the only ones available). I love how the bristles have fun colors unlike regular black and white ones. 

Let's start with the Eyeshadow Brush, this brush is bigger than the other brushes, but short, firm and silky-- it isn't exactly soft- it feels a bit scratchy but that is manageable. This brush is so so great with cream eyeshadows. It faded on first wash my sink was like a purple sea.
Next we have the Smokey Eye brush, this brush is a stiff crease brush, great for precise eyeshadow application, it is more like a pencil brush but the tip isn't pointed. This is my second favorite, it is also a bit scratchy. 
..And lastly we have Precise Eyeliner Brush, yes they were serious when they named this precise, it is soft, thin and draws precise liner. It isn't scratchy at all. 

My favorite will be the eyeliner brush, it does its job well, the brush isn't large and the bristles are soft, next will be the smokey eye brush it is dense, also does a fine job but a little scratchy and lastly the eyeshadow brush is scratchy but very great with cream shadows it picks up cream very well. 

Price wise they are on the positive side, all the brushes are RM7.90 at Watsons(Malaysia), if you want good and inexpensive brushes you can check them out, esspecially the liner and smokey brush. 

Have you tried any of these brushes? What is/are your favorite brushes(brands).. I'll love to check them out. Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Sigma brushes anytime any day*LOL* Recent got Urban decay naked3 brushes and I completely hate it especially the powder&foundation brush

  2. I actually haven't tried out any Essence brushes , they looks awesome love the fun colours

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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