Lady Wannabe Blog: 3 Ways I've Been Blushing

3 Ways I've Been Blushing

Hello everyone, 
I wear blush based on my mood, lip color or where I'm going, I won't really say I have a favourite blush but for a few weeks I've been reaching for some particular blushes and honestly for no particular reasons, I'm just feeling the flushes they give to my cheeks. Three blushes I reach for more often/lately are

Revlon Powder blush in Wine Not is a beautiful berry shade, it's soft and has a lovely velvety finish and since I love to wear more plums and berries this is one blush that compliments the lips color, even though in my review here, I wrote it is a bit hard to work with but with the eco tools tapered blush brush you will be lucky.

I picked up Ruilisi Permanent Charm Blush from a random store, it was only RM 10 and the pigmentation is amazing, the shade I wear more often is the orange, as you know orange is great for almost all lip colors and even everyday wear, it also looks good on woc but then this blush need a really light hand, I did use it in my five product face post here.

Another beauty is the Bourjois Pot blush in Rose Eclat which is a beautiful rosy pink shade with subtle shimmer, I love love this blush OK! it does have a scent which is sometimes annoying but the flush it gives is superb, well pigmented but not so long wearing. 

L-R: Wine not, Ruilisi, Rose Eclat
Have you tried any of these blushes? Do you have some favorite blushes? Share them I'll love to check them out as well! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. I have tried the Bourjois in 34 Rose D'or. This shade is so pretty and really versatile as it works really with well different skin tones and shades. (Come and say hi) XX

  2. The blushes i love right now are the 'sleek blush by 3'i soooo love this blushes its so pigmented&affordable(yea),i have 5palettes(lace,flame,sugar,pumpkin&pink lemonde)they are the only blushes i own

  3. That bourjois blush!! I have 5 pots from them and I freaking how how smooth and pigmented and how well they blend out! Love your choices of color, I totally would wear the same types of color!

  4. I am not a blush fan, maybe because i have not seen any that i am crazy about tho. I will wan to see these shades on you


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