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Look On The Bright Side

Hello beauties, 
Who loves a glowy skin? well who doesn't? maybe not all over glow but admit it, a touch of glow on the cheek doesn't hurt, to be honest I do not have many highlighters, I picked up Essence Soo Glow! (10 Look On The Bright Side) cream to powder highlighter sometime ago which happens to be the first cream highlighter I own. 

Essence Soo Glow highlighter comes in two shades a pink and an ivory shade which is look on the bright side the one I got, it looks more whitish with some tiny shimmer but it is not noticeable on the face. Like it is boldly written on it is cream to powder and yes it sets almost immediately so I suggest to blend out quickly.

Because it is kinda white it may look ashy on darker skin tones, but here is how I apply it to suit my skin tone, I dab it on the cheek bone/wherever I want to apply it then blend it in with the same brush I use to apply my foundation and walaaa! there goes the glow! it does have a slightly golden undertone. 

Staying power is not all that great, let's say 4-5 hours, things you might like: it is inexpensive, blends in nicely and it is easy to apply. What you might not like: not woc friendly, may not suit darker skin tones, staying power is not so great. 

L: swatched R: blended
Have you tried Essence Soo Glow highlighter? What is/are your favorite highlighters? I'll love to check them out.
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  1. I love this !!! Have this one myself and yeah staying power isn't amazing but it does the job well for the price


  2. This looks stunning blended into your cheekbones! But you already have great cheekbones! I personally rarely use highlighter as I love LOVE using shimmery/glowing blushes. I do own thebalm's mary lou but I use it mostly under my brows and on my inner corners rather than on my cheekbones!

  3. I dont own any highlighter but you are right it doesnt kill to have some highlight. And it looks nice. i am still looking for the right shade of foundation, when i find that i will start looking for this.

    Simply Uneeke


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