Lady Wannabe Blog: Reviving Dull Skin

Reviving Dull Skin

Hello beauties, 

There are days when my skin acts up like goes really dull please tell me I'm not alone, a few things can cause dull skin, not exfoliating properly or not exfoliating at all(which sometime I'm guilty of), lack of sleep or not having a proper skincare routine. You can hide your dull skin with makeup but I personally prefer to take care of the skin because I hate layering too much makeup. 

First thing is to get rid of the flaky dead skin, this is where a scrub comes in handy, honestly you can use any scrub but be sure it isn't harsh especially if you have sensitive skin. The scrub I use is the Odeon face and body scrub it gives a squeaky clean feel without leaving the skin dry-- I normally scrub right after using a cleanser. 

Next I clean out pores. Yes! Avon Pore Penetrating Mask is great for this, now this depends on how much exfoliation I want, sometimes I just use a scrub. This pore penetrating mask goes right in, cleans pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh but it is a little drying.

After exfoliating the next thing is to tone to balance skin pH, right after that I spray my face with Nature Land Aloe Vera Gel Mist, I don't have to tell you the many uses and benefits of Aloe Vera, this spray is very soothing to the skin but has a little thicker feel than other facial sprays and takes a little while to absorb. 

When the Mist is absorbed the star of the show comes in Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum, I need to put up a review on this soon. Just two drops applied all over the face brings instant moisture, it does take a while to absorb as well.. Once the serum is absorbed I apply a face cream I currently use Cosmoderm Vitamin E cream which is also a great skin brightener(forgot to include this in the picture). 

This overnight remedy for dull skin works for me all the time, the next morning I wake up to a brighter, glowing and fresh skin, PS you don't have to use same products mentioned but it will be great to check them out especially Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum it is a bit pricey but worth it. 

How do you revive dull skin, what products do you use?! I'll love to check them out! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. I actually haven't used any of these, I love Avon products, so will have a look at that


  2. Where are you self, you always find bomb products. My face is also looking dull am still trying to fix it from its reaction with the neutrogena moisturizer.

    Simply Uneeke


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