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Bourjois Pots Of Roses

Hello Beauties! 
I told you guys I've been falling in love with blushes right? I added three Bourjois pot blushes to my collection and somehow they are all roses haha! Here I have Rose Ambre, Rose Frisson and Rose Eclat...
Look how gorgeous, small and cute the little pots are, these blushes comes in matte, shimmery, satin finishes, they are pigmented and apply nicely. They have a strong floral/rosy scent (sometimes I like it but sometimes it can be annoying), each comes with brush but ehh that really useless but great for for applying highlight powder. 
Rose Ambre, Rose Frisson, Rose Eclat
Rose Ambre is a warm toned rose with a hint of brown, has a matte finish, Rose Frisson is a beautiful soft pink has shimmers but does not show up on the skin and Rose Eclat is a gorgeous rosy pink it's my fave, has shimmers also but does not show up on the skin. 

I love the packaging, the pigmentation is amazing, they all give beautiful flush to the cheeks, but because they are baked blushes they tend to harden after only a few uses which can be a con, another con is the scent it is sometimes annoying. 

Have you tried Bourjois blushes or any of their products? Let me know what you think! Have a fabulous day! 
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  1. Oh yes, I'm not only tried these...I own like 7 I think? I love them soooo much. Although once in a while the product gets a bit hard on the surface, a bit of scratching on the top gets them going again. I love the color matching packaging, I love the scent and I love how glowy and natural these blushes are!


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