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Eye Eats Too....

Hello beauties,

Sooo I'm trying to be fancy with post titles haha! hence the post title, anyway you can tell from the title it is about eye huh?! ya! I'm talking eye care and creams today, I'm not sure why they call it eye, shouldn't it be under-eye cream (:P) since we don't put it in the eyes... I'm not a skin expert so I'm only going to share with you the products I have and how they have worked for me...forgive my unnecessary rant...

Eye cream is a skincare step I used to skip due to a lot of reasons, one is laziness, it feels like an extra step, another reason is that I felt eye creams were meant for older people, you know 30-40 and above, the whole anti aging thing but boy was I wrong. My main concerns are dark circles and dry under eye area and both started only about 2 years ago because I was under going a lot of stress and this caused them fine lines as well.

Bio-essence Tri-Action Aqua Boost Intense Eye Cream, so like I mentioned I have dry under eye, so Aqua Boost looks promising, this eye cream does keeps the skin hydrated but this lasts for only a few hours, when I apply this in the morning say 9am, the under eye feels fresh and less dry but around something like 3pm it starts getting dry. It is white, has no fragrance to it and the texture is a bit liquid-y but it does takes a little time to absorb.

I'm not sure why I got the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On it is suppose to help reduce puffiness but I don't ever get puffy eyes but I do use it when I have those tired eyes i.e when I want to look more awake. Honestly I hardly use this but it is very soothing and dries pretty quickly after application.

Alright when you have dark circles I believe brightening anything will attract you right? yup! that was why I got Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On, ok! calm down! brightening what? I have read a few nice reviews about this BTW! but this didn't work for me at all or maybe I didn't use it religiously, it does soothes the eye but the liquid dries up very quickly and it is not as hydrating as I wish.

Ohhhh I'm sooo glad I picked up Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream, this eye cream is everything, it is very hydrating and soothing, it has helped keep under my eye hydrated which equals no more dryness and of course fine lines are gone (since they are caused by dehydration) and even when I stopped using it for a few days my skin was still hydrated. My concealer goes on so smoothly with this cream underneath, this didn't help with my dark circles but I am pleased with the results, out of the bunch I highly recommend this.

Tarte Maracuja C Brighter Eye Treatment is a little similar to the Avène cream but a little bit thicker consistency, but absorbs pretty quick, it is hydrating and leaves the skin with this nice feeling I can't explain, smooth and nice I'll say, now for the brightening part I never really noticed a difference but I'll be honest I've stopped using it since I got the one from Avène, I might give it a go again but for now Avène cream is doing it for me. You can give this a try as well, very hydrating and it goes on smoothly.

Alright guys, you can obviously tell which one is my fave Avène soothing eye cream and next to that will be the Tarte eye treatment. If you are looking into eye creams with similar concerns to mine, then you can try any of these two, I haven't found one for dark circles yet.

Have you tried any these eye creams? What is/are your favorite eye creams? I'll love to check them out! Have a beautiful day and stay fabulous!

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