Lady Wannabe Blog: Brush Or Sponge?

Brush Or Sponge?

Hello beauties,
Makeup is fun and getting more popular, I mean the stuff is everywhere unlike before, if you are not new to the blogging world then you will know all about some makeup tools. I believe makeup is personal and we all choose our preferred ways to apply.. One of the most asked questions is which tool is best for makeup especially when you are just getting into makeup, some prefer hands, other swear brushes do the trick while some believe a makeup sponge is the best.

So you all know I love the beauty blender or maybe you don't know, I think it is a great makeup tool but is it better than a brush? or brushes in general? In my opinion this depends on what and what you are applying or what kind of coverage you want and honestly hands or fingers are tools I hardly use, but if I do I use my ring finger to apply concealer under the eye.

For foundation hands down I prefer using a brush it helps gives a more fuller coverage in my opinion but I also use sponges when I want a dewy finish or when I'm in a hurry because let's be honest sponges makes the whole job faster and easier. To blend in highlight I prefer a sponge, I feel it gives a more nice finish, also to apply under eye powder if you want a sheerer finish you need a brush but for full coverage a sponge does a better job.

Sponges are quicker to use than brushes in my opinion, it blends seamlessly and faster but like I said what and what you use will depend on what coverage and finish you are going for. 

Ok ladies, this is just my opinion I'll love to learn from you and know your tips and tricks... Which do you prefer for what and what?! Have a beautiful week ahead and stay fabulous!

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  1. I use brushes more than sponges, the few times i used a sponge, i liked it but somehow brushes are just easier,less messy and faster for me.
    Modavracha | Blog

  2. well i dont own a sponge so i cant really compare, so far the brush have been pretty cool.

    Simply Uneeke

  3. I definitely prefer brushes. I used to use my fingers all the time and I recently bought a miracle complexion sponge which I reviewed on my blog and found that brushes are my holy grail! Especially the real techniques :)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  4. I use brushes for foundation and sponges for concealer.

  5. I use both, but I could go with a brush without a blender....a lack contouring....

  6. I've yet to use a sponge for applying foundation before can you believe that? I totally should give it a go though as I have one foundation sponge from a friend who gave it to me! I love using my fingers and then a brush. I don't go for full coverage but medium so this gives me what I want but I would like to use my fingers less on my face!


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