Lady Wannabe Blog: Applying Eyeshadow On Dark Lids

Applying Eyeshadow On Dark Lids

Hello beauties, 

Eye makeup is a fun part of makeup I love to do, and in my opinion it makes your whole makeup stand out, you know different, so it can be annoying if your eyeshadows don't pop even after applying a trailer load, I experienced this a lot especially with neutral/nude shadows, I won't say I have super dark lids but it is dark, well it isn't your fault that your lids are quite dark and the good news is you can correct them with makeup ofcourse...

Like I mentioned earlier I struggled with eyeshadows not popping or the colors not appearing vibrant enough even with an eye primer but then I found a very simple way around it. Things you'll need are concealer, a brush to apply, setting powder (or eyeshadow close to you skin tone) and a brush to apply.

If you have oily lids this will work for you as well, simply use a tissue/blotting paper to remove excess oil from lid, using a concealer brush apply and blend concealer onto the lids (you can use any concealer your shade or shades lighter), once the concealer is well blended all over the lids-- set it immediately with your setting powder or eyeshadow. 

I find that this does not only help correct dark lids, it also help the eyeshadows blend better, appear vibrant true to color and lasts all day with no creasing. 

**if you want your eyeshadow to appear more vibrant you can use an eyeshadow base like the NYX Jumbo pencils, Maybelline color tattoo and the likes...
**Do not apply too much concealer as this might make your eyeshadow thug or even more harder to blend. 

Do you any other tips to share? I'll love to hear from you! Have a beautiful day and stay blessed! 

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  1. Very helpful tips!! I always use Laura Mercier Eye Canvas and it really helps my eye shadows pop. Other days I use Maybelline Color Tattoos as they are super helpful and incredibly pigmented. I need to try the NYX Jumbo pencils as I have been hearing about them for a reallllllllllllllly long time...Thanks for sharing...xx

  2. Your tips are completely true, especially for ladies of tan or dark and deep complexion. I personally need some primer to even out my lids as they tend to be a bit discolored when I haven't sleep properly!


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