Lady Wannabe Blog: A Nude & Bold Lip Combo

A Nude & Bold Lip Combo

Hello beauties, 

Have you ever combined two or more lip colors and you just love it so much you always recreate? Yup! I'm loving these two lip combos right now.. especially the nude one which I wear almost every time.. I thought it will be nice to share with you guys, If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen some pictures of me wearing them-- PS I'm trying to take pictures outside as they are more clearer and true to color, I'm still looking for best position and angles soo...

Obviously I have two different lip combos right here a nude and a bold one, the nude is a combination of Ms. Rose lip liner in no. 5 all over the lips and Maybelline Color Sensational Totally Toffee lipstick, Ms. rose no. 5 is a brown lip liner with a little hint of red, glides on well and super super affordable while Totally Toffee lipstick is nude lipstick with slight brown undertone, it does have that Maybelline smell also glides on perfectly. These two together are my current perfect nude lip, it's more of a brownish kinda nude color perfect for everyday. 

The bolder color is a combination of Silkygirl liner in maroon and Wet n Wild Sugar Plum fairy, Maroon liner is maroon lol! but looks a little bit like wine, this liner is long lasting, glides on well and well pigmented while Sugar Plum Fairy is a beautiful plum shade that is pigmented, glides on smoothly and long lasting. These two together gives a very beautiful berry color or plum which ever way you see it. This is a long wearing lip color, hours it's still going strong.

Great thing about the lippies is that they are affordable, have great formula and both combos last long.
Hand swatches and lip swatches below;
Do you have a fave lip combo?! Do share! Tried any of these products before?! Let me know your thoughts! Have a fabulous day! Stay beautiful!

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  1. Both lippie combinations look stunning on you!!...xx

  2. HAHA! For a moment before I clicked this post I was thinking "Could it be totally toffee?" It's one of my favorite nude lipsticks! Even though it's not exactly a naturally looking nude on me, I really love brown tone nudes, especially if it's good for pairing with darker eye looks! I don't use lipliner but I definitely put gloss on top sometimes.

    1. haha! you're a gloss lad, totally toffee has moved to my fave lippie in a short while :)

  3. that berry makeup is seriously speaking to me. It looks really gorgeous.


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