Lady Wannabe Blog: Brush Cleaning Mat & Egg Dupes!

Brush Cleaning Mat & Egg Dupes!

Hello beauties, 

Let's be honest you must have seen/heard about these silicone scrubbers everywhere or somewhere maybe, especially the ones from Sigma and the Brush Egg.. Now sigma brush cleaning glove is quite pricey and I can't justify buying it seriously- anyways I read about these silicone scrubbers from Daiso on mywomenstuff and I thought ohh let's try that.

So headed over to Daiso to get me some lol! but I couldn't find the Laundry egg so I got the silicone mat but as luck would have it Daiso opened at a mall close by and voila there it was. 

Little description, these aren't actually meant for brushes but I got them for the purpose and the Laundry egg looks exactly same as the famous brush egg- they are both made of silicone, soft and easy to use. So instead of swirling your brushes over your palm while washing you use the scrubber and it does all the job. 

Let's start with the cleaning mat which was the first one I got, to be honest this didn't really do so much for my brushes especially the foundation brushes(buffing) I'd scrub, scrub and scrub and the bristles are still dirty but for smaller brushes(eye brushes) this was ok..

Laundry Egg, you guys this stuff is the truth, I mean real truth no lies at all! it just makes your work very very easy... Just one time wash and 90% of the dirt is gone and yes I'm talking about those white bristle buffing brushes, now the only thing is I couldn't wash big brushes like blush and powder brushes with it, but it does a great job with other brushes!

Pros: Both are soft and doesn't affect brushes in anyway--they are both very inexpensive--easy to use--the laundry egg get dirt off easy peasy.
Cons: Only available online (if you don't have Daiso in your country), the mat isn't so great with foundation brushes.   
Do I recommend?! definitely yes!! If you want an inexpensive tool to clean your brushes faster with ease then go for it! No more scratchy palm after doing my brush laundry --that sh*t hurts no jokes--
I have seen the brush egg on eBay and I've read reviews about those too and it seems they are good as well, you can order online from eBay here.Prices from USD1 incl. shipping!!

Have you tried any cleaning mat or brush egg?! How do you clean/wash your makeup brushes?! I'll love to know! Stay fabulous and have a nice day!
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  1. Great post! I don`t have brush egg but I am considering to buy one. I am so glad that I have found your article! I usually clean mine brushes with vinegar and water. Best regards!

  2. I have Brush egg and it is fantastic! My sister gave me this because she had two. I am so glad that she did it. it is really easy to clean my brushes with it. It takes me only few minutes to clean them. Thank you for sharing this post! Greetings!


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